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    Hitachi Deskstar 5K4000 Review Discussion

    Thanks for the review. I was going to wait for a 4 platter solution but who knows when one of those will be available so I'll probably pick one of these up over the weekend. I'm using it for a media server so random performance is not important. Thanks again, Chris
  2. Schlotkins

    Corsair Vengeance DDR3 RAM Disk Review Discussion

    Hi Kevin: You probably don't have the setup, but I'd be quite curious to see what the performance delta is between this and say a 2600k. I'd imagine it's about twice the speed (quad vs. dual) but it seems that the 7GB/sec is pretty far away from the max memory throughput of 37GB (21GB for the 2600k). Thanks, Chris
  3. Schlotkins

    Corsair Vengeance DDR3 RAM Disk Review Discussion

    This is a pretty interesting result! I'd be very curious to see what speed/timings do to the results. i.e. does 1833 RAM give a significant advantage? Thanks, Chris
  4. Good morning: I recently bought 3 7k2000 drives to storage some data on. I put together a PC using some old parts (original Bad Axe, E4700, etc), loaded windows xp 32bit sp3 and set them up as share drives. They were not in a RAID configuration and in fact, I had the BIOS set to IDE rather than ACHI. The drives were working fine, but after about a week, one of the drives started only transfering at about 4 MB/sec. I figured it must have been the IDE mode so I put the drive on the second controller on the motherboard and then transfer rates when back up. Last weekend, I decided to make the machine more energy efficient so I got a Intel DH55HC motherboard and an i5 540. Reinstalled windows (this time with the IDE controller in AHCI mode), setup sharing and everything worked great. Then last night low and behold one of the drives (probably the same one) started only transfering at 2 MB/sec. I changed cables on all 3 drives and this morning I even tried a different power run (I'm running a Cosair 650 watt power supple) but that didn't help. I loaded up HD Tune and the SMART data on all 3 drives looks perfect. The drives aren't making any 'bad' noises. Temps were around 50C but these drives typically run a little warm and I don't think that's THAT high. So I'm lost. Any ideas? Thanks, Chris
  5. Schlotkins

    RAID5 Read Throughput

    Great - thanks for the reference! That would be a nice speed increase over my 60 meg/sec I'm getting now. Do any drives beat speed? Thanks, Chris
  6. Schlotkins

    RAID5 Read Throughput

    Oops - sorry about that. Let me try again: Thanks, Chris
  7. Schlotkins

    RAID5 Read Throughput

    I'm thinking about putting together a RAID5 for two reasons: 1) additional reliability and 2) a little read throughput increase. I know RAID 5 has some disadvantages, especially for writes but I have a scratch disk for those writes so that's not a large problem. If I were to get 4 of the Samsung F3 1TB drives that show 150MB/sec max and put them in RAID5 using an OK controller (say, what kind of read speed could I expect? Any other suggestions on a 4 drive setup? Any advantage to the hardware vs. software card? THanks! Chris
  8. Hello- I'm thinking about setting up an external SAS enclosure to house some drives. Why external? I want to try and move the drives away from my workstation for some noise relief. Here are my questions: 1) What is the maximum cable length? I think the 5m length that I can find would be enough, but I'm just curious. 2) Any reason to go with the old SCSI standard or fibre channel instead? One of the reasons I like the SAS setup is I can also through in SATA drives I believe. Also, has anyone played with the new Fujitsu MBA3300 Series? Thanks, Chris
  9. Schlotkins

    Fujitsu MAU3147

    Are there any plans to review the next generation of these drives? Thanks, Chris
  10. I'm really anxious to see the performance results on these drives. I don't trust anyone but SR! Thanks, Chris
  11. Schlotkins

    RAID 5 quesitons

    Now I am totally confused. Can't I just setup a RAID 1 through the RAID controller on my motherboard and then it's just there when I get to the OS?
  12. Schlotkins

    RAID 5 quesitons

    Good morning- Let me start this by saying I've never had a RAID setup before so please excuse some stupid questions. Basically, I'm trying to create a drive setup with about 1 - 2 TB of storage for some important information, such as research data, personal data and photographs. This will not have databases running off of it. There will be access, but mostly for photographs and swapping stuff during video editing or PS work. I do backup the data to an external hard drive and optical media so I'm not totally forgoing backups. However, I'd like to set this drive structure up with some redundancy. I had two thoughts. 1) Create a RAID 1 setup with a couple of 1 TB drives or 2) Create a RAID 5 setup with a few 750gig drives. I would have a separate drive for windows, program files, etc. My questions are this: 1) Would the RAID 1 setup be more "crash" proof? I guess in both cases more than 1 drive would have to fail for a total data loss, but the RAID 5 would have more chances for that to happen. 2) I've read RAID performance is terrible with onboard controllers. If I used the RAID controller on my Intel Bad Axe (original) motherboard will the RAID 5 performance be bad? What about RAID 1? If I need a controller, how much for one? 3) Can I use standard SATA drives? Do I need enterprise drives (ie. Are they really more reliable?) Thanks much for your help! Chris
  13. I want to replace the hard drive in my wife's dell laptop. It's ridiculously slow compared to the new 7K200. It's running window XP and I would like to basically clone it to an external USB hard drive, install the new drive, and then simply restore the clone to the new drive so I don't have to reinstall apps and all of that garbage. Is Norton Ghost still the best way to do this? Thanks!
  14. I had this happen with my 150gig Raptor as well. I think they may use a different program or have a great controller. Related to this topic, which size 7K200s have this kind of speed? It appears the 100gig one does but not the other sizes.. Thanks, Chris
  15. I have an old SS51G lying around and I want to set it up to run a couple of hard drives for me. Does anyone know if this box can support >137gig drives in XP? It's got a SIS 651 NB and SIS 962L southbridge if that helps and says this in the manual: "The IDE Bus implements data transfer speeds of up to 133/100 MB/sec and also supports Enhanced PIO modes." Thanks, Chris