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  1. mpiskotos

    SATA in the Enteprise - 500 GB Drives

    It states: "Operating Temperature: 5°C to 60°C" for the RE2 500GB model. I'm not sure I understand what my mistake is. Operating temperature is the temperature of surrounding environment (air around the HDD). The temperature of HDD itself and its internal disks is usually 15...23 C more (higher). thanks 888. That sorts things out. I should have known though (makes sense: operating temperature = enviromental temperature for sth to operate). Please excuse my newbiness.... so, higher operating temperature specified my manufacturer = better drive, I suppose? and I guess I should be worrying if I read internal temperatures of the WD RE2 YR5000 (through appropriate software) of more than 80°C when operating inside the enclosure... hmmm...
  2. mpiskotos

    SATA in the Enteprise - 500 GB Drives

    Read what exactly is written on WD website. This is not "temperature of the disks". I just looked at the WD site once again. It states: "Operating Temperature: 5°C to 60°C" for the RE2 500GB model. I'm not sure I understand what my mistake is. I'm sorry if my english is not so good and it got misunderstood (I'm not a native speaker ). Anyway I went out and bought the disk after all about a week ago. I also got a Cooler Master Xcraft enclosure with a combo USB 2.0 - eSata connectors. I still have not tried the eSata connection though, since I want to find a PCMCIA eSata adapter for my notebook and I can't seem to find one from a european online store that can deliver to greece for a reasonable price. I have not measured the temperature of the disk (perhaps one can help by pointing out a utility that can read SMART or other details of a disk in operation) but it seems to be running quite hot (this measurement was made through palm touching and therefore is not very scientific - but can give one an idea). I'm not sure if it's the enclosure's fault or the disk. The enclosure has no fan and is supposed to dispatch heat through aluminum casing. As temperature in greece was quite high lately (more than 30°C) I decided to let the disk run with the enclosure open, which improved things a bit (measurement done by touching the disk itself when in operation and not the enclosure). I'm still looking for PCMCIA eSata adapter and perhaps I should look for another enclosure (a fan is not such a bad idea after all I think) because I don't want the disk overheating. Any comments are welcome.
  3. mpiskotos

    SATA in the Enteprise - 500 GB Drives

    Excellent review there! I was in a mess trying to figure out what drive would be good for my needs and it seemed to help. Actually, I was looking for a high capacity sata drive to fit within an eSata enclosure. After realising that the price of enterprise edition disks is not that far away from that of normal disks, I decided that it would be a good idea to have one such disk as it will probably behave better under the stress of a mobile enclosure. I am leaning towards the WD RE16 400 and 500 GB models but there is a factor that is keeping me from making a decision. On WD's website the nominal temperature of the disks when in operation is 5°C to 55°C for the 400GB model and 5°C to 60°C for the 500GB model. This doesn't make much sense to me given that the 500GB model consumes less power. It would be really interesting to include measurings of the heat emitted from the disks in the review to have a clearer picture of their performance. I've also had problems in the past with WD disks (I once had to return a 120GB disk twice because it was DOA both times - perhaps a bad batch - and then ask for a Seagate model in the end). Even though I am a bit reluctant, I think I will give WD another shot (all other WD models I owned in the past did work out fine) and go for the 500 GB model. Does anyone care to comment on using one such drive for an eSata enclosure?