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    New HD for RAID 1, Recommendations

    I don't know why it wouldn't let me EDIT my message, that's pretty crappy for a tech oriented forum! Anyway, EDIT: It seems that the RE2 is an old model and here is the new drive from WD: Western Digital Caviar RE WD5000ABYS 500GB 7200 RPM 16MB Cache SATA 3.0Gb/s Hard Drive - OEM Either a pair of those, or a pair of Seagates should be great.
  2. Critofur

    New HD for RAID 1, Recommendations

    I recommend Seagate brand hard drives, they come with a 5 year warranty and they're about the only brand that I've never had reliability problems with. If you get WD brand drives they don't recommend the consumer models for RAID, so you may want to consider the RE2 models (if you are looking at WD, that is).
  3. Critofur

    multiple consecutive failures

    Well it seems completely unfair that Western Digital is not willing to give me one good drive in exchange for all the headaches I've gone through and how consistantly terrible their drives have been for me for the past couple years. As I mentioned, the 40 Gig WDs I've used were all great and lasted mostly until they were (in my opinion) obsolete. It's not like I just had one drive fail and suddenly I'm bitching all over, I've had four of four fail, then so far all the replacements I've gotten that I've used have also failed, and a replacement of a replacement failed too. All the computers that I've had WD drives fail in also have other, different brand drives, of which none have failed. I worked as a PC tech during most of this time period and almost ALL the failed desktop drives I came accross in customers machines were Western Digital with the exception of one IBM. I had two "Dethstar" drives and both lasted at least a year longer than ANY of the 160 Gig or 200 Gig WD JB drives I've had. The two Dethstars faild shortly before their warranties ran out, but one of the replacements also failed about 9 - 12 months after that. I won't bother to use just the one, I had them in a mirror since I knew they were so failure prone. I wish I knew exactly what's failing on these WD drives, and whether I might be able to recover data myself at home somehow (they're beyond using data recovery software, it would have to be some kind of hardware method). I tried replacing the circuit board, but that didn't help. I think if WD was a decent company that cared about customer service then they would give me a pair of RE disks to use in a mirror. It's just not fair that I've had one failure after another, then at the end of all this I'll have only dead drives when the warranties run out. Oh ~ I posted here first, then I saw the discussion about the 500 RE2 drive and thought that before people go and buy that drive they should at least know about the bad experience I had.
  4. Critofur

    SATA in the Enteprise - 500 GB Drives

    I see at the conclusion that you really like the WD 500 RE2 drive. I'd be hesitant to buy any Western Digital drives after the horrible quality of their 160 and 200 GB "JB" drives I've been seeing and their poor customer service I recieved in response to the problems that I've been having with multiple consecutive failures of those drives. Perhaps the "RE" and "RE2" drives are really much more reliable? And, if so, how can WD get away with selling such un-reliable drives as the regular "JB" IDE drives seem to be? In my expereince, WD has lately been even worse than IBM during the time of the infamous "Dethstar" drives a few years back.
  5. From 1 - 2 years ago I had been buying a few 160 - 200 GB Western Digital "JB" hard drives, both retail and OEM. I used them in various different systems and they've all failed after either weeks or months of use. I had purchased the "extended" 3 year warranty for all of them (at the time, WD was only including a pathetic 1 year warranty). I got RMAs, and most of those drives have failed too. I've complained numerous times to Western Digital and basically begged and pleaded for JUST ONE reliable hard drive of a different model. No luck, they refused. The other day I turned on another PC that I hadn't used for a month or two and yet another replacement drive (WD20000JB) was dead - the drive was mounted as a secondary, not the boot drive, but it caused the PC to boot extremely slow. Then when I tried to access the drive Windows tells me "this drive is not formatted, would you like to format it now?". I tried putting the drive in a different PC, tried using a couple different data recovery programs, no luck. The drive makes grinding noises and every sector returns an error. This consistant, high rate of failure makes my experience with recent WD IDE JB drives even worse than what was typical with the infamous IBM "Dethstar" (Deskstar) drives a few years back. I've been sending emails to WD about this and all I get back are computer generated generic resonses. I don't know what to do next. I guess I'll end up just throwing away the 4 - 5 160 - 200 GB WD drives I currently have and try to find out if some Seagate HDs still have the degree of reliability that past Seagate drives have had, I read something about looking for Seagates made in Singapore and avoiding the Chinese ones. I don't like letting a company get away with this kind of crap, but I don't think I can afford the time or cost of trying to sue them. I'm surprised I haven't heard of a class action lawsuit regarding these drives. I can't imagine that it's just pure bad luck, the failures have just been too consistant and too numerous for that.