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  1. Big Buck may have explained it better, but I also think it has something to do with how Windows handles network permissions. Writing TO a remote machine requires more in the way of security than reading FROM, and hence may have some background issues that are transparent. With a remote WRITE you are altering the files on the remote machine, whereas a READ is a much more simple procedure. Also, does it act the same way when trying both READ FROM and WRITE TO from each respective machine? If not, then one machine may have permissions set differently, or perhaps one machine is Vista and the other XP? Anyway, just spitballing.
  2. bgetchel

    Replacing System/Program Disk

    True, but Dell sells the same refurb drive with 1 year warranty for $270. Why would I buy it from them when I can get the identical drive for 1/3 the price from another vendor?
  3. bgetchel

    Replacing System/Program Disk

    You would have been better off getting two of these and using RAID-0 for LESS money. Performance-wise, they CRUSH any single hard disk drive on the planet and give SLC SSD a run for it's money (at least in read/write STR). Dell MBA3073NP They're 68-pin and are straight from Dell, but at about 1/3 the price if you went through
  4. bgetchel

    Gaming drive: SCSI or vRaptor

    I received my MBA yesterday and had to wait till it thawed out. Going to format it before I do my Vista 64u install on it for my game rig. I'm guessing i'll only use up to 70g. I did last time on my old 150 Raptor. I have a bunch of FJT MBA's -- both SAS (MBA3073RC and MBA3300RC) and U320 (MBA3073NP and MBA3300NC) in a few different workstations, including the one I'm working on now. They're SCREAMERS! I have one workstation with a single VR, so it's an unfair comparison, but in two workstations (including this one) I have dual MBA3073 (both NP and RC) in RAID-0 for Boot/Apps and four (4) MBA3300RC in one and two (2) MBA3300NC in the other -- also in RAID-0. Of course, I back data over GbE to a Dell MD1000 with 15x Samsung 1TB Spinpoints in RAID-6 with global hot spare using that nifty little "Folder Clone" utility. I love the speed of these little monsters. I bought mine at The seemed to have the best price at the time I checked -- only $99 for the MBA3073RC/NP/NC (SAS or U320 68-pin or U320 80-pin) and $250 for the MBA3300NC/RC (SAS and U320 80-pin). They got them out to me the same day and came to my door 2 days after I ordered them. Schweet!
  5. bgetchel

    Utility to Indentify SAS WWN?

    Hey Mitch, Yea, we're familiar with SCC, but we only require WWN identification, and have a software budget of about $500 for this particular project. What I think there is a HUGE market for is an application as basic as SeaTools Enterprise (really made by the SCSI ToolBox folks) that will work with ALL manufacturers but also has built-in WWN ID. If someone were to write a utility that would do the following it could be a killer for drive remarketers like us: Logs: Manufacturer Model Mfg P/N Firmware Rev OEM (determined by combination of Model and F/W) OEM P/N Serial Spindle / Power-On Hours Defects WWN Readout Performs: Basic / Standard / Exhaustive Testing Extended BIST Surface Test SMART F/W Flash Outputs Results to Comma Delimited format for SQL import/parsing. Simple, concise, elegant
  6. bgetchel

    Storage careers

    The only full-time storage jobs out there (not talking about sales or shipping HDDs) are in the NAS/SAN market. Ironically, most NAS/SAN guys don't know much about the particular DRIVES themselves, or what makes them tick. They care only about disks within the framework of the topology they're handling and how they affect performance, density, power consumption, etc. Become a guru in SAN fabric and NAS and you'll have a much better shot at landing a decent-paying job in the storage sector.
  7. To my knowledge, SSC degrades performance. How much, I do not know. The only possible reason to enable SSC is if you're getting random errors and have exhausted most other potential causes. If you're NOT getting errors or having inexplicable problems then it would be advisable to keep it disabled.
  8. bgetchel

    Utility to Indentify SAS WWN?

    Bump -- begging for help here. Anyone? We don't want to have to pull and visually inspect each drive. Thanks.
  9. I'm on a somewhat similar configuration, however, I run a two-drive stripe of 73GB 15K SAS for OS/Applications and a second two-drive stripe of 300GB 15K SAS for data. Just FYI, Dell (LSI) PERC RAID controllers are NOTORIOUSLY slow! Anything but RAID-0 (and especially RAID-5) are serious performance dogs. This is why I run RAID-0 stripes on my Precision 690 (as I type) and run daily backups to a server over GbE attached to a PowerVault array. I also have a single USB 1TB external on this system and run FolderClone (a super-cheap, super-simple, super-nice little util) and "mirror" to it each day as well. SAS drives are robust, but they are not beyond failure, so be sure to have at least one failsafe in place.
  10. The Raptors are great drives, and you would achieve a small, but noticeable OS and Application load time increase, but it's not the night/day difference that you might be hoping for. Two of them in RAID-0 might give you a smidge more, though even that is arguable. Also, something is amiss with your benchmark "speed" at 205MB/sec, unless it's Mbps and I am misreading it. There is no way that particular drive would achieve even 1/2 that STR. You're probably getting a bus or burst speed rating, and not actual transfer. The Raptor will seem "snappier" during some operations, but it's not a real value unless you're looking for the ultimate in performance. In that case most would recommend a fast SSD.
  11. Is there any utility that will run on Windows that can identify the WWN on SAS disks? We run through hundreds of SAS and FC disks from various manufacturers and OEMs where we now need to log the WWNs. We load the disks in various PowerVaults (both SAS and FC) for diagnostics and need an application/utility (something like Seatools or SCSI Mechanic) that can read out any/all of the drive's WWNs. Thanks.
  12. OK, cancel the request (for the moment). We were able to get the FW directly from Fujitsu Customer Care. Now hopefully it will work....
  13. This "offer" also applies to a functional "work-around" to make the MFG and Model Number appear accurately in firmware -- ie: if there is a way to transfer the BIOS/FW from one of my retail drives to the white labels **OR** if there is an AFFORDABLE application that can do it (like SCSI Toolbox, etc). I'd be more than happy to either pay in cash or in drives. I just don't want my 200+ white labels to be useless and have to pony up for more Dell Y4721's. Brendan
  14. I bought a bunch of white label drives on the cheap. They're Fujitsu MAT3147NC and MAT3300NC drive -- 146GB and 300GB respectively U320 10K 80-Pin SCA2 SCSI. I bought them to do a little "experiment" we're trying to go along with some RETAIL drives of the same label thinking I could save a few thousand bucks. Well, physically the drives are IDENTICAL! They work fine on a standard controller, but when I try to use them for our application the software cries out "MISMATCHED DRIVES!" In short, with a cursory search using Google I can't locate any Fujitsu MAT3147NC or MAT3300NC firmware to use to re-flash the drives. All I need to do is get them to read off that they are the SAME drive model, or the software wimps out. If anyone has or has access to ANY version of Fujitsu MAT-series SCSI drive firmware (OEM or not, either is fine, I just need the model to match up in firmware) **OR** you have a way using SCSI Tools or some such thing to CHANGE the model name/number then PLEASE (I'd be eternally grateful) EMAIL me ASAP. BTW, I will GIVE away FIVE (5) MAT3147NC drives to the one who comes through first with WORKING firmware (yes, it's a shameless bribe - it's an important project). Thanks again, Brendan G.
  15. My Dell PowerVaults are standardized on Maxtor 8E147J0 drives so these Fujitsus just don't match up with any of my arrays. I got a good deal on them, but never really used them. They're SCA, so you'll need an adapter (got to for a good deal on them) to use them in a non-hotswap workstation. My eBay ID is the same as here -- "bgetchel" -- so feel free to check me out. I'm in Waterbury, CT if you want to do local pickup. PayPal preferred, and only by users with confirmed accounts. $175/each. I'd prefer to send them all to the same home. Brendan Getchel 1470 Baldwin Street Waterbury, CT 06706 203.435.3818 (m) 203.568.0608 (f) bgetchel (Skype)