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  1. Regarding the noise reduction, is it the idle noise or the seek noise that's gotten reduced? I didn't have a problem with the idle noise. Now that you asked it, I've put my ears near it and I can hear the idle noise, but it's not disturbing. Or maybe I tought that's the noise from one of my fans I can't really tell. But it reduced the seek noise considerably. So it's worth it, I think. Thanks for the tip, man. I'm gonna try it in my P180 and see if the silicone grommets in the lower drive bay do the trick. Otherwise I'll pick up a Scythe enclosure and suspend it with rubber wires.
  2. Jolly

    Raptor X & Raptor 150

    Well...on that note I'm definetely gonna go for the Raptor X, just because it's so god damn bling-bling When we have parties at home I'll just take it out and the crowd will go: "Ooooooooh!!!!" and then I and the Raptor will be the centre of attention for hours and hours to come...
  3. Jolly

    Raptor X & Raptor 150

    So then there is no reason what so ever to choose the Raptor X, since it performs worse than it's cheaper "brother"? A shame, because where I'm ordering from they're both priced identically - thought I found myself a "bargain" on the Raptor X
  4. Jolly

    Raptor X & Raptor 150

    I got an email just now from WD tech support: "The WD1500AHFD is a desktop model for use as a single drive. The WD1500ADFD is a RAID edition model with TLER and RAFF for use in a RAID array (stripe or mirror.)" This is wrong, since it's stated on the product overview of the Raptor X (AHFD) that it does also use RAFF. What's the deal with the misinformation here?
  5. There seems to be a great deal of confusion regarding the WD Raptor 150 and the WD Raptor X. Are they identical internally? The question popped up in a thread here. Both drives are supposed to be identical, but how do you explain the differences in test results?
  6. Another question: Did anyone get some clarity on whether there IS a performance difference between the Raptor X and the Raptor 150?
  7. Regarding the noise reduction, is it the idle noise or the seek noise that's gotten reduced?