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  1. KillJoy

    Raptors for G5 or Not?

    Oh yeah, the problem is not the drives but the SATA controller. Apple left out some features and newer drives seem to have problems with that. And the problem manifests itself even if you don't move large files, you just don't notice the fs corruption.
  2. KillJoy

    Raptors for G5 or Not?

    It seems to be that the newest breed of Raptors have problems. I've had WD740GD model in my 2GHz dual for some months now and it is working fine. There is also newer version of 74GB Raptor (WD740ADFD) based on the same designs as 150GB, thus suspected to have problems like 150GB model. So, basically you'll want to avoid getting 150GB (WD1500ADFD) or newer model 74GB (WD740ADFD) versions.
  3. KillJoy

    What is a SCSI processor?

    Usually the managenment software of your server (Dell OpenManage, HP OpenView, etc...) is used to read information from backplane processor. The RAID controller firmware might also be able to talk with a backplane, altough I'm not sure if there is any standardized protocol. Yes, there are backplanes without built-in termination to allow daisy-chaining them. For example this raidsonic model has two 68pin connectors connected to each end of the backplane.
  4. KillJoy

    What is a SCSI processor?

    AFAIK the backplane cpu is used to measure the temperature, status of fans and other information from the drive bays . In some cases it can also turn off power to specific bay to prepare drive for removal.
  5. KillJoy

    Witch SATA controller to use on AW8

    Leaving out the usual lecture about RAID0 and mostly shallow benefits in most uses I'd say you're better off using Intel controller since it is integrated in your chipset. This way you have the most bandwith to your drives. Not that it matters that much IF the said Silicon Image controller is on PCIe bus, but on the other hand it might be on normal PCI bus... EDIT: Fixed typo
  6. KillJoy

    Harddrive lag - how to fix ?

    ...or try something else than Windows, if possible.
  7. Well, I have 7200.7 200GB Serial ATA and the drive makes the very noise you have described. First I was worried, but the drive has been running trouble free for more than a year now. No errors or odd SMART values. So I guess this noise is perfectly normal. EDIT: On the other hand, my father has PATA version of the same 7200.7 200GB drive in his computer. I have never heard that drive make such noise. Not that I'd been using his computer that much.
  8. KillJoy

    Reliability: Seagate or Samsung

    Are you sure you are not just seeing data corruption due to bad memory modules or other hardware? A failing drive very rarely manifests itself by corrupting data. Usually you'll end up with files not being readable after many re-read attempts (major slowdown while reading, may even lock up with hdd led lit). I'd double check the memory with memtest86 ( and if that checks out ok I'd run seagate's HDD diagnostics software. It will tell if you have something mechanically wrong with your drives.
  9. KillJoy

    Urgent Help With Wd Harddrive!

    I'm a bit busy now, but quick google search on "Freezer trick" revealed this I hope that helps.
  10. KillJoy

    Urgent Help With Wd Harddrive!

    Sounds like WD Click of Death... There are some reports that the "Freezer trick" would help in some cases but I have never tried that. The odds are that your drive has failed so totally that the only way to get your data out would be a data rescue company. You'll have to consider if your data is worth the cost of recovery service. Good luck.
  11. KillJoy

    SR's D2OL Metacomputing Team

    Has anyone got a linux version of d2ol software working? I tried the command line version but it did not quite work. It starts calculating and indeed it uploads finished work units to the server, but the stats for the node stay at zero. I had two nodes running several days but stats did not show a thing. I have two linux boxes waiting to be able to participate...
  12. KillJoy

    How about Samsung Spinpoint SP1614N?

    Hi! I have one of those drives. Feels very fast. In fact I moved my Atlas 10k3 to server and started using Samsung as a primary drive in my workstation. The drive is also very quiet. Idle noise is nonexistent and seeks are comparable to new laptop drives (Quieter than Seagate 'cuda IV) I don't think there is a single reason why I would buy something other than Samsung for now on.
  13. KillJoy

    RAID 1/5 disc consistency after power failure

    Of the disc. And when rebuild process starts it selects discs with most recent timestamps to rebuild from. I'm not sure how it works exactly... This information is based on debug-log of the rebuild process (I once had to manually modify raid superblock using mdadm tool to resurrect unstartable linux software raid5 array. The problem was that the system could not figure out from what drives to rebuild from. Worked okay after forcing the drives.)
  14. KillJoy

    RAID 1/5 disc consistency after power failure

    Most hardware RAID controllers have battery backed up cache. Controllers keep data in cache until it is written to the drives. Thats why controllers usually disable write cache from the drives by default. Software RAID (at least in Linux) seems to update write-access-timestamp in each drive and if the power is lost (or system crashes) background reconstruction updates the content acording to that timestamp. Generally, power breaks are a bad thing for any raid array. UPS is highly recommended.
  15. KillJoy

    Recommend a Hardisk

    Hi! I just bought a Samsung SP80 160Gig with 8MB cache. After trying it for a while as a secondary disk I found it to feel faster than my Atlas 10kIII drive. So I moved my Atlas to server and left Samsung alone in my primary machine. Feels at least as fast as with Atlas now. The drive is even quieter than Seagate ATA IV I have in another machine. And last but surely not least Samsung offers 3 years of warranty. Personally I can't find a single reason to buy something other than Samsung at the moment. If you have, please enlighten me