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  1. robertgf

    Storage Review Site Update

    Yes, that's right The "oldest" users are from December 2001, just after the crash. I saw a new topic regarding flash memories and SD cards. It will be nice if we could put somewhere our speed test results for memory sticks, SD cards and similar. It was always a mystery for me how good a USB memory device will perform before I buy it. On Internet the information is very rare and many manufactures are publishing only the best speed (the reading speed).
  2. Hello storage hobbists ! I've found a WD HDD on If the link is not valid this is a short description: "Western Digital Caviar 250GB 7200RPM Internal Hard Drive with a large 8MB cache buffer ..." Web Code: 10035171 Mfr. Part Number: 307543 On Sale: $149.99 (canadian dollars, around 115 US$) Now, how can I find what exactly HDD is this? Is this a WD2500JB or some other ? What do you think, is this a good price and a reliable HDD ? I know you guys are recommended Segate 7200.9, but this WD seems to be on reduced price. Thank you, Robert
  3. I would much rather have men ask why I don’t write posts, than why I wrote them . If I can paraphrase a Cato quote
  4. robertgf


    Back in the time I worked for a telco company in Europe I used for ISDN an internal Fritz! PCI ISDN card ( This card could automaticaly connect and release the connection if there was Internet demand. This was a very nice feature because the ISDN connection was billed on conection time. So, the ISDN is indeed an dial-up like connection, but a special one. ISDN use channel D for transmitting connection information, so it is very fast for establishing the connection. But, if you use for Internet both B-channels (so 2x64 Kbit/s) you can't receive calls if your card isn't smart enough to release a channel when a voice call comes. I know that ISDN was very demanding on the wire quality. I think that the only reason you don't have DSL in your region is that the phone company doesn't consider that is worth to invest in new DSL equipment. So, they transfer the ISDN equipment from the big cities in your region. ISDN is a very good technology, with the best voice quality that you cold imagine. The Voice-over-IP is veeeeery far for the quality of voice and the reliability of the connection. But ISDN has no chance because it's very expensive. So enjoy your voice quality (especially with an ISDN digital phone) until VoIP will come to you. I think you must chose the card by the features you realy need. Eicon is a good quality, SMC is OK , too.
  5. robertgf

    Best Quality Case Fan?

    You're sure it's not PAPST : ? This are professional fans, around 15 US$ a usual 80mm.
  6. robertgf

    S.m.a.r.t. Temperature Sensors

    Samsung SP 80 has a temperature sensor, too.
  7. robertgf

    U.s. Companies Moving More Jobs Overseas

    I live (for now, maybe I will immigrate) in Eastern Europe and I see things this way : Maybe you must think that India and China have a huge number of people. About 1 billion each. So, the probability to find some good technicians or programmers is very big. They are poor, so they will accept low wages and will work hard because they don't have other chance. That doesn't mean that they will do a better work. In fact, I see that the quality of well-known brands has fall since they manufacture their products overseas. I don't think that education is so bad in USA that the companies must go overseas to employ qualified workers. Is simply a question of costs. Why ? I think they have made a calculus : a westerner buyer go for cheap products, no matter were they are made. I will try an example : Do you, the USA buyer, prefer a NoName (or LiteOn etc.) CD drive with 1-year guarantee made in China (wich will last 1 year and 1 day) or another brand (made in Japan or USA) with the same 1-year guarantee (but wich will last at least 5 year), but costing the double ? Well, when you will prefer to buy less (to keep your old product more time in function) and pay more for products made in your country, the companies will go overseas only to expand their market. You can find a slight positive thing about this transfer of manufacturing facilities : maybe the immigration will decrease, because those willing to emigrate from poor countries will find some decent job in their country. But I see a danger : if the companies give to much technology to a dictatorial country like China they can lose everything. China can at any time cancel the agreements with the western companies and keeping the industrial facilities. And they don't care to much for the intelectual property for the products. Maybe they will no longer be able to sell this products in Western part of the world, but they will have all the rest of the world for a market.
  8. I810 has the video based on the very unsuccesfull Intel 740 video chipset. Anything like GeForce TNT 2 or ATI Rage 128 Pro (or newer) is better . Not to mention that the videocard will come with its own video memory , freeing the system shared memory. I've seen GeForce 2 MX 400 PCI video cards, around 60 $ (I live in Europe), but maybe you can find some cheaper second-hand PCI videocards.
  9. robertgf

    K6-2 Or Pii?

    What's that, where can I download it ? The Siemens PCs are very picky about RAM. At work we have a somewhat newer Fujitsu Siemens Scenic computer based on i810. I've made at this one an BIOS upgrade but still doesn't accept other DIMM except its Infineon module. And I think I found the reason : it accepts only modules with 2 ... 32 M x 64 bit technology. Not very common this 64 bit technology. Your Majesty, I wish yours mother-in-law much fun with the new computer
  10. robertgf

    K6-2 Or Pii?

    I have at work 2 Siemens Pro D7 PCs based on P II @ 350 MHz with BX chipset and 3 PCs based on AMD K6 II @ 350 MHz with VIA MVP3 chipset. The P II is the best by far. The computing power is lower than AMD's, but : - BX supports a clean ATA33, the VIA MVP3 accepts DMA activation, but on the VIA chipset I obtain only about 5 MB/s, while on BX I reach 12 MB/s the HDDs transfer rate. - The Siemens's BX is very picky about RAM (accepts only his Infineon "made in USA" parity DIMM, while the MVP3 "eat" any DIMM or SIMM), but is faster. - The USB works only on Siemens, on MVP3 is detected by windows 98 but doesn't function at all ( I tried 3 days different drivers and searched - no result ). - the Siemens power source is very stable and quiet. - no big difference in Acrobat Reader or MS Office 97 for both platforms : slow, but you can work with them. The most important thing is the amount of memory. At least 64 MB for Windows 98, 128 MB for Windows NT. Note : all this 5 computers are working since 1999. The Siemens are working non-stop with Windows NT 4.0 since then (they are some kind of monitoring terminals). So, for stability both Intel P II and AMD K6 II are good. I don't know if your Sis chipset has the VIA's problems, but the BX is a sure thing.
  11. robertgf

    MB Fan Header question

    I wanted to calm down the speed (and the noise) of my fan. So, I put an about 50 ohm resistor on the +12V wire. So, the current has slightly go down, as the voltage on the fan, thus reducing the RPM (rotations per minute) from about 3000 to about 1800. The problem ? On an old and crappy motherboard (Lucky Star I810 based) the fan rotation is not anymore detected, not even in BIOS. On my ASUS Tusl2-c motherboard the roatation is detected, but only after near a minute after the computer starts (and that only with PCProbe,which is the ASUS software, or in BIOS; with MBProbe the fan is no longer detected). I was thinking that is because the voltage on the fan is now 7 V (5V drop on the resistor) and the motherboard no longer detects well the informatin from the rotation sensor. But this may be because of lower current, too. The current was about 160 mA before puting the resistor, now it must be less.
  12. robertgf

    Posting/hosting images?

    Why has this appear in place of my picture ? I have use the "IMG" button in the Code Buttons Once again : Anyway, the link is:
  13. robertgf

    Posting/hosting images?

    If you see a HDTach screenshot, you can use the free services of
  14. robertgf

    from NTFS to FAT

    Well, this 128-bit encryption I think I get it from an update of Internet Explorer. I found that I have 128-bit encryption when I tried to run once more the Service Pack 6 . It says that I need an 128-bit encryption version of SP6. So I downloaded this version, but the drive is still slooow: when I open an existing folder it takes many seconds until all the files are shown, especially when there are big files or executables with icons embedded. When benchmarking the drive, the results are normal for this kind of drive ( 9.5 GB Samsung SV1021). Of course I have used the DMACheck program to enable DMA access for the HDD. I have reformating this partition using 2 Kbytes clusters and NTFS (of course). When I benchmark the drive with ATTO I get about 23.5 MB/s (both read and write). Before this (with 512 bytes clusters) I've got 19 MB/s. Both test were made on the same empty partition.
  15. robertgf

    from NTFS to FAT

    Hi ! I have a system with Windows NT 4.0 Workstation SP 6. I can't migrate to Win 2000 because this system must run some weird stuff which runs only on Win NT 4.0. I can't reinstall Win NT 4 because this system also have a X25 network that I don't know how to set-up. My problem : it has 2 partitions, both NTFS. I want to make the second partition FAT because NTFS is slow, and I don't need much security. That's not all, by mistake I enabled 128 bit encryption, which makes the whole system even slower. Problems I encounter : on an MS Knowledge article - 140365 it is stated that NT 4.0 support > 4GB FAT partitions. My partition has 5.5 GB. But when I try to format this partition with FAT from Disk Administrator it says " unable to complete the format". I can format this partition using NTFS with various cluster sizes. Why I can't format this secondary partition under FAT ?