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  1. Le Eliminateur

    Tcq / Ncq Enabled Sata Controllers Are Here...

    i have no idea to what does adhere the SATA of the MCP2 adeheres to.... look at what Siig replied me via email when i asked about NCQ enabled controllers: "None of our controller supports NCQ at this time. We will have a PCI-X Serial ATA controller that supports NCQ. This controller should be available around September/October time frame."
  2. Le Eliminateur

    Tcq / Ncq Enabled Sata Controllers Are Here...

    the 7200.8 is interface-wise the same as the 7200.7 (it will have SATA II extentions for SATA 1.0, namely, NCQ)
  3. Le Eliminateur

    Tcq / Ncq Enabled Sata Controllers Are Here...

    And what about NCQ enabled controllers? i'm planning on buying a 7200.7 SATA for the increased performance, but as my system doesn't has SATA onboard i need to buy a controller. If i can't find any NCQ controller, then there's no point on buying that drive and i'll have to stick with the PATA version.
  4. Le Eliminateur

    What's This "warn" Thing?

    yesterday i posted a reply, after a long loooong time of lurking, and i see this "warn:" thingie, with 5 yellow bars, after entering the "warn" link it says "no history of warns for this user". so, have i been "warned" about something or what?
  5. Le Eliminateur

    Anybody Else Refusing To Buy A 'miouw' Hitachi?

    the 7200.7 STIR doesn't make a sound at all. if you want quiet and fast drives, then the 7200.7 is your only choice. if you want quiet period, then samsung(althought my experience with samsung is awful, almost half the samsung drives i saw -<40Gb era- are either very dead, work slow as a crawl or develop enormous amounts of bad sector, and in some cases the STR drops to 10% of the start at the middle of the drive), i'm seeing the new samsungs right now(a friend brought a 5400 rpm half height 40GB drive, it doesn't make the slightest sound)
  6. Le Eliminateur

    7200.7 SMART values

    last week i've bought a 120GB 7200.7 since then it's running almost non-stop, the first time i put it, i check the smart values to see if indeed was a new drive, it was(all values at zero). now, i've checked the valuesa again and noticed how "seek error rate" plunged to 64 with a worst of 60(the threshold is 30). The "hardware ECC recovered" is at 60(i have a barracuda ATA 2 which is slave in the same chain and it's ECC value is 76). All the other values are normal(the "raw read error rate" is also wild, it's at 60 but the threshold is 6). 've read that the raw error rate of seagate drives plunges quite rapidly and stabilizes at 60, so it doesn't concern me, but the other values are they normal?
  7. Le Eliminateur

    Genius Wireless mouse

    i see a lot of logitech/MS mouse reviews, but no genius reviews. Since i've found a nice price on the genius netscroll+ wireless(the one with 5 buttons, nice looking), but the vendor won't let me test drive it.... i was wondering if any of you have it, what's the response time, the maximum range and battery duration. the response time, it's obvious, for when i use it next to the PC to play something. the range, well, when i'm lying in bed trying to control window media player
  8. Le Eliminateur

    honold presents: cdrom-bootable disk diags :D

    is it down, it gaves me a 404 when i try to download it? UBCD doesn't haves the ramdisk....
  9. Le Eliminateur

    Defragmentation Programs for NTFS

    that's weird..... maybe you've got super large files in there? another thing i've noticed is that this defrag programs(diskeeper) doesn't consolidate free space! i mean, i want to defragment AND pack all the data in the beginning of the drive, it's of no use for me if the soft left 20MB holes all around my drive... the builtin win2k defrag(which supposedly is a "lite" version of diskeeper) does consolidate space, but doesn't offers much detail on what is doing
  10. Le Eliminateur

    smart status read software?

    hi hi anyone know of a software to read the scsi values/or the status, since scsi drives don't report the smart register values? something like aida or cpuz, i'm not looking for anything fancy, not active monitoring, only to load and read the status/values and that's it. (that rules out ariolic active smart since it's paid software)
  11. Le Eliminateur

    Samsung Serial ATA (SATA) hard drives

    since when samsung does a drive that features "performance"? all of the samsung drives i've seen either failed after little use -deathstar style- or featured strange failing behaviour(like decreased performance after 1/4 of the drive, very eviden on hd tach, after the first quarter the performance dropped to 1-5MB/s). or my "ancient" 10GB barracuda ATA II could beat any 40GB samsung model. At least, all the models that arrive here are "cheapo drives", for ppl who wants a drive just as they want a kilo of potatoes... the 7200rpm models work as fast as a U5 5400 drive... about the noise, i grant them that, they don't make a sound, but then again, they're so slow.......
  12. Le Eliminateur

    This is interesting....

    it sounds like the (in)famous Intel Application Accelerator.... only this time tweaked for maxtor drives(althought i seriously doubt about the "maxtor only" technical difficulty, i think it's a hardcoded maxtor brand check with a lot of marketing bullshit on front)
  13. download AIDA32 and check the smart values of your drive and/or download the srive test software from the HD maker
  14. Le Eliminateur

    Western Digital Caviar WD2500JD

    no matter which drive, every time you put a translator, the performance WILL be lower, ALL the time. until they begin putting native DSP with serial ata protocol, so that the drive starts using all the advanced scsi-like commands(tagged command queing for example) and we begin using native SATA controllers(i dunno if the promise used is native or translated) it's pointless to buy a SATA drive
  15. Le Eliminateur

    sending mail via cmdline?

    bmail is the one i've found, pretty neat, 17KB. and! i0ve found the plugin i needed for msg plus!