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    Western Digital Caviar WD800JB

    After reading the Seagate Barracuda IV, and then the Maxtor D740X reviews, I read the one for the Western Digital WD800JB. Most importantly the D740X review states "Unlike other recent Maxtor drives, the 740DX doesn't support write verification". Does the WD800JB have write verification? What about the Barracuda IV? This sounds important to have, but no more details are given. Is this CRC checking? And while the review points out this is uncommon compared to other recent Maxtor drives, it does not state how common or uncommon this is in other HD brands. More info about this please. Less importantly (but still of interest) since the drive already runs at very low noise and heat levels is whether this drive features regular ball bearings or fluid dynamic bearings, or if there are some of each out there (like the D740X). If there are some of each, how to distinguish between the two (hopefully before purchasing) would be nice to know. Is there any hard data out there yet that shows that FDB drives are more reliable?