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  1. Colinco

    Advice needed on a new drive (SATA?)

    This particular board only had 1 sata (afterthought ?!)
  2. Colinco

    Advice needed on a new drive (SATA?)

    From the DFI NF2 Ultra Lanparty PDF manual P41 "Serial ATA uses the primary IDE’s master channel. Therefore, if a serial ATA drive is connected to the serial ATA connector, DO NOT connect an IDE device to IDE-P’s Master channel. IDE drives can be connected to the primary slave, secondary master and secondary slave channels."
  3. Colinco

    Advice needed on a new drive (SATA?)

    It always pays to check. A DFI nForce board feeds its Sata through the primary IDE master meaning - use sata lose 1 ide.
  4. Colinco

    2nd IBM Deathstar is failing - Part 2

    Does the firmware fix really work? I've had a 75GXP that was replaced with a firmware fixed drive which also failed. It may have taken slightly longer but it still failed.
  5. Colinco

    Question About Sound: On-board Vs Pci

    The performance increase probably depends on the headroom your cpu has. Some nForce 2 boards have hardware sound (Soundstorm)built into their southbridge. This may be on its way for nF3. I don't know about "Myth" but "Doom3" doesn't use hardware accelerated sound and relies on CPU cycles regardless of sound type.
  6. Colinco

    Optical Drive Reviews?

    Maybe the idea of trying to keep up with the sheer number of different optical drives
  7. The ATI problem involved the "largesystemcache" setting which shouldn't be used on a workstation.
  8. I've seen comment that if you have enough RAM to be able to use this tweak, then Windows won't be paging the file affected much anyway.
  9. Colinco

    75gxp Help :(

    I've had this 30G 75gxp for about 2.5 years, a replacement for 1 that only lasted 11 months. I noticed something today in SMART about reallocation pending, WAH's post reminded me to run DFT/DFTView again. It's been clean for so long now head 3 looks dodgy. First time I've had a warning that worked before total drive failure.
  10. Colinco

    Ibm Deathstar Wont Spin Up :-(

    My post was aimed at Lee Rees, he had been connecting and disconnecting the drive before it died completely.
  11. Colinco

    Ibm Deathstar Wont Spin Up :-(

    Have you checked the power socket? Are the 120GXP the same as 75gxp?
  12. Colinco

    Pagefile Size Should Be >= Ram

    Given that there are some advocates for page files that claim that the OS will page regardless of whether the page file is disabled or not, what are the perceived advantages of no seperate page file?
  13. Colinco

    Digital Camera

    Check this page for Canon A70 macros of coins Bob uses a plastic drink cup to hold camera above coin.
  14. Colinco

    Fix for IBM 75GXP, 60GXP and 120GXP

    This is the 2nd firmware update I'm aware of for the 75gxp. ASFAIK the drives have always done the head sweeping thing. One rumour I saw before the 1st update was that Data was being Erased by error during one of these house keeping routines.
  15. The changelog of bug fixes for previous versions was published so regularly that it put me off. Nero have either stopped publishing the changelog or have buried it.