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  1. Hi, Thanks for the answer - I'm familiar with the methods, I've been a long time SR reader What you say is logical - the traces include everything, Windows and pagefile and whatever. The reason I asked is that so far NCQ seems to even hurt desktop use, which is quite counter-intuitive. My guess was that the Windows system files plus the swapfile would lead to the most random accesses in a desktop system, where NCQ should help - but I guess Windows' precaching systems actually group together most of the frequently used files. Just a train of thought I had - thanks for the input. Cheers
  2. Hi Eugene, One question about the test methodology. How are the test drives run? You have the standard boot on the Raptor, and the test drive is plugged on as a 2nd drive? If so, how do the test results represent a single-drive setup? Where Windows is constantly messing with sytem files and the pagefile on the same single HDD? Thanks for your input