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  1. Can you look at the drive's PCB. I believe that all Sabre-S II / RC_1 hard drives are affected by this issue. Only RAID users will experience this problem.Maxtor told me that VA111680 would only work on 7VxxxF0 drives. I know for a fact that it also works on 6VxxxF0 drives. It might also work for 6B300S0 drives, but I don't know. If your current firmware is VA1116xx then you have a big chance it will also work, but you should ask Maxtor to be sure, and not to void your drive's warranty. Can't easily get at the drives right now but I know the current firmware revs are BANC17M0 (most of 'em) and BANC1980.Sounds like a different bit of hardware, really. However, I can hope that they made the same mistake with both, and that they will cure it soon Has anybody at Maxtor explicitly said what problem the VA111680 f/w fixes?
  2. Great news - lucky guy. I hope you've already told him to spend good money on a backup system
  3. Hmm. Any tips for punters like me who have similar problems with the 6B300S0 drives? (DM 10 300GB SATA units.)We get dropouts maybe 8 times per year I guess. Neil
  4. Hmm, this experience sounds quite like ours. Summary: bought a pair of servers about 18 months ago, near-identical setup (subtly different mobo revs, 3ware card h/w and f/w revs), each has a 3ware 9500S-12 with 12 Maxtor Diamondmax 10 300GB SATA units (6B300S0). Early bad things included loss of single/multiple drives at power-up (and even at warm-boot sometimes I think), as many as 8 of the 12 once(!). Both systems have exhibited pretty similar problems. Since then we've swapped out the 3ware cards for newer ones, upgraded the firmware, reseated the controller end of the cables (drive end is impossible to get to without dismantling, dodgy design). No recent drive loss events on power-up but we power them up only about every 6 months anyway so lousy stats. Continuing bad symptoms: random loss of drives. Every month or two, a drive will just drop out of the array. This must have happened about 10 times now, and on ONE occasion only, the drive was actually faulty (the Maxtor PowerMax tool said it was bust). All the other times, the drives have been fine, without even an event in their SMART logs (no errors, reallocations, anything). Sometimes the controller said it kicked them out because of a time-out, sometimes because of an ECC error. Just asked Maxtor today (their EMEA section) after reading this thread, they said "no known problems except with NForce4". I had been suspecting bad cabling or PSU issues, but now I'm not so sure it's not the drives failing to play nicely with the controller. (We previously asked 3ware, but they didn't recognise the symptoms (!) and the drives we're using are on the HCL anyway.) Not sure what to do next... Suggestions welcomed :-) thanks Neil