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  1. Branching from this thread as it was getting off topic. Our system showed failures within the first day, since then it's been mostly idle whilst we keep an eye on it - the RAID-5 portion is a 'storage' mount and the OS is on a separate set of SCSI disks - so the only activity the RAID is seeing is during the scheduled verification every midnight, which is (almost without failure!) the point at which the errors are reported. So I was curious if other people experiencing this problem have any other activity occuring on the RAID'd disks, or whether it is mostly idle as with our setup? Richard
  2. To add my name to the list of people experiencing the same issues and who have contacted Maxtor - 7x Maxtor 6V300F0 fw VA111630 (RAID-5, 1 Spare) 1x 3Ware 9500S-8 Fedora Core 5 (various kernel iterations up to current) Upgrading to the supplied Maxtor Firmware VA111670 today. Richard