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    Areca 1230 startup problem

    I'm pretty sure it's USB related problem. Hubs are bus powered. I also contacted the Areca support. They suggested it would be IRQ related and I should disable usb detection or usb support on dos from my computer's bios. Sounds resonable. Will give it all a try in a week.
  2. I bought ARC-1230 card 2 months ago. It has worked with no problems until last week when I relocated my computer to another town. At that point I added 2 USB hubs and an USB mouse to mobo's connections. Now if I restart my computer, it freezes in 2/3 startups even before windows logo comes. Mobo Bios goes fine, Areca Bios gets installed fine, but after that when the Windows logo should pop up, my computer freezes. If I boot it up again and do get windows logo to appear, everything works like a charm. But as I'm using the computer remotely I really cannot let computer to restart itself after software update or such, as it might not come up again. Has anyone else experienced the same? Any suggestions? I need those USB devices, I believe it's because of them, as I haven't added anything else to the computer afterwards. I cannot check firmware/bios version of my card as I don't have it's ethernet port connected or windows software available, and I remotely cannot see the post startup messages. But if there's another way to check versions from windows I would be happy to hear that. Thanks, Arge
  3. arge

    Home Network Attached Storage

    One word of advise: Don't go for anything less than a gigabit/esata support. USB,FW400,100Mbit connections will kill you. (FW800 might do ok, but it's not widely supported)
  4. Just wanted to tell you how happy I am I didn't go for Promise's cards. I had it already waiting for pickup but at the last minute I went for Areca ARC-1230. I have had no issues what so ever. And my read/write rates keep to amaze me even after 2 months of use. Hope this cheers you up.
  5. arge

    Is my HDD dying?

    This error has come to me also few times in the past, but it must have been Windows related as the same drive has worked after that over 6months with no problems. Your slow transfer rate could also be related to your OS problems. Backup everything important up, make a clean install of your OS and if the problems is still there, then buy another drive.
  6. arge

    Seagate 7200.10 Review

    Btw, the drives are as quiet as whisper (Used some rubber sheets cutted from bicycle tire between the hdd hotswap cage and the computer case) I'm very satisfied for the sound. Writes can barely be heard over 2x19dBa Nexus fans and a silent PSU & CPU cooler.
  7. arge

    Seagate 7200.10 Review

    Here's my performance graph. Wonder why there's that spike to 0MB/s maybe controller just did something else at the moment? Areca ARC-1230 controller with 10x320Gb Seagates in Raid6. Processor Amd64 3500+
  8. arge

    ARC-12** vs 3ware 9590SE-*ML

    I went for ARC-1230 and am a happy camper. No problems what so ever. Will recommend 100% for everyone seeking controller card. You can't go wrong with this.
  9. arge

    Areca 1220 and Raptors

    Have you tried to email to ? they usually reply to me within few hours. Very friendly. My ARC-1230 shows the same text for 10-15 seconds. Think this is ok. For 30 seconds it's a bit long, but else if it works fine, I wouldn't be conserned of it. Keep your computer running 24/7 or on suspend if speedy boot is what you need.
  10. I have a Asus A8R32-MVP Deluxe running my ARC-1230. There's no problems what so ever. You can even use ECC ram with 939 processors. Board supporst 940 processors as well.
  11. arge

    HdTach of 10x320Gb Seagates

    Sorry for the delay, having some problems with OS (cd drives dissapearing). However, run performance test right after os setup. Here's the results: Tried with different block sizes and cluster sizes. didn't seem to have huge difference so decided to go with default. Wonder why there's that spike to 0MB/s maybe controller just did something else at the moment?
  12. I've been thinking ways to reduce noise done by my new computer. I only have 4 fans (Power, CPU, 2 for HDDs) but it sounds like a small server room. First way would be to buy quieter fans, dampen computer and try to live with the noise left of it. However, what if instead buy something like stereo headphones with active noise-cancellation technology. Then cut it open, connect headphone speakers to your home amplifier & sound system and leave the rest of the headphones inside/near your PC? Then by adjusting the volume from amplifier eliminate the rest of the noise. Could this be done? Would it work? I can already see products that mount to one's PC having a speaker on 5.25" bay doing just this. Arge
  13. arge

    HdTach of 10x320Gb Seagates

    Still in Init, making 2Tb volume can take up to 4 hours. Imagine that! Also it took 6 hours to assemble, including steel cutting for power supply. Needed to move it. So i'm able to install OS only after I get back from work. Sorry for the delay! Can anyone tell if Areca's BBU unit does any good if one already has a UPS? What if OS hangs up and you'll need to press reset? Arge
  14. Just received my 10 Seagates yesterday. Today will get my ARC-1230. Will send you speed results right after the HW installation (within 12+ hours). Starting this message now as a teaser
  15. arge

    Backup schedule

    Thanks for reply. I'm only wondering scenario where if I would like to restore 2 weeks old backup, that won't be possible as I only have 4-8 days old backup and 25 days old backup available. But maybe there won't be so many times need for that, it's usually very recent problem like new software install error or so. I'm only going to backup OS and programs & user settings installed on it. No database. And all my precious data will be elsewhere. So quess there won't happen much over a day or two (no need for every day backup).