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  1. Interesting. Especially since on many machines I have had 0 errors when running performance tests to fill up the disks, but days/weeks later when the machine was idle all of a sudden a drive or two would drop. Not only that, but all of the drives that I've looked at have failed the powermax simple test. I think this argument may be a bit convenient for Maxtor. If this is related to the lack of TLER, then I think the drives are all decaying like crazy, and only when put in RAID controllers is it noticeable. Home users would have no idea that they have decaying drives unless they decided to do something like run powermax. Who knows, really... probably best to avoide these AND the Maxline IMHO (as well as the WD SE). -B
  2. The story so far for me is we got a bunch of 6V300F0 drives and: 1) Early on we had drives showing up as missing when we rebooted, maybe occasionally when running. We could re-insert the drive and problem would go away. 2) Things seemed stable for a few weeks then we started getting "device error" reports. 3) Drives are now dying left right and centre. Fortunately I was worried early on so I didn't put any data on the drives. 4) I have tested 3 of the 7 recently dead drives in powermax or whatever it is called and they all failed the short test immediately. Note that we are using these in 1.5Gb mode... that may cause additional issues that those of you running in 3Gb mode won't notice. We have some running in 3Gb mode that haven't had any problems (i.e. dying) at all. Config again: SuperMicro 5013C-MT, 3ware 9500S-4LP fw, driver, SuSE 10.0, drive fw VA111630 -Blaine
  3. 9550SX-16ML, 15 300GB Maxline III. Came with the same firmware and date. Case is a Supermicro 932T-R760.. same as yours basically. Running Debian AMD64, dual Opteron 265's. (Just filling in the details in case for some reason there's a pattern here. Supermicro said they haven't seen any problems with their hot swap chassis, and in fact was the one that told me to contact Maxtor about firmware) I have 3ware 9500S-4LP with Maxtor 6V300F0 fw VA111630 - the drives drop on a regular basis. I've used both SuSE 9.1, and 10.0 and two different firmware on the 3ware cards, but the drives will eventually drop. Hoping there is a firmware fix or we'll be replacing the drives in the next few days. -Blaine