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  1. I'm in Belgium, and I call Maxtor Ireland usually. I got VA111680 from there. I have not decided it is fixed this problem, but so far my 7 7V300F0 drives have know an uptime of 7 x 25 days 23.5 hours = 4365 hours of trouble free operation. Looks definitely better than VA111630 and it has now also passed the maximum uptime before failure I had with VA111670.
  2. Just contact Maxtor by phone. Explain your problem. That usually suffices to make them understand the problem and provide a solution by means of a firmware update. The update procedure is explained in the accompanying read-me. You'll need to attach the drives to a non-RAID controller for the update process one-by-one (if you have more than one drive, but I believe that is the case since you've got a disk 5, and computers usually start counting at 0 or 1).
  3. No. Only that it presumably fixes the drive timeout problem. 3ware also believes that VA111680 fixes the problem with the Maxtor drives.
  4. Can you look at the drive's PCB. I believe that all Sabre-S II / RC_1 hard drives are affected by this issue. Only RAID users will experience this problem. Maxtor told me that VA111680 would only work on 7VxxxF0 drives. I know for a fact that it also works on 6VxxxF0 drives. It might also work for 6B300S0 drives, but I don't know. If your current firmware is VA1116xx then you have a big chance it will also work, but you should ask Maxtor to be sure, and not to void your drive's warranty.
  5. I have been running VA111680 now 2691 hours continuously without a problem on a 3ware 9550sx-8lp raid controller card. The system has 7 Maxline III drives model 7V300F0. The system is now up 16 days and a few minutes without a drive timeout. With VA111670 I also had a period of this many days without any problem though, so I'm still cautious to declare a success. But it looks good. People having a problem with 3ware/amcc or any other brand on-board or PCI RAID controllers experiencing infrequent(!) drive timeouts on all drives in combination with Maxline III drives models 7VxxxF0 or DiamondMax 6VxxxF0 should contact Seagate/Maxtor and ask them for a solution in the form of a firmware upgrade VA111680. Don't even consider upgrading to VA111680 if you are not experiencing any problem. There is no performance gain in doing so.
  6. General question to anyone who replies to this request: can you please be very specific, and include as many details as possible regarding the issue you are experiencing. It is possible that there is more than one problem, and it is not a good idea to have an attempt at solved two problems at the same time. e.g. It is nice that you are using the latest firmware on the 3ware controller, but is this version 3.0.5, 3.0.4 or 3.0.2? And that version was on the card when it was shipped also depends upon when it was shipped. My 3ware cards originally contained 3.0.1 and I never had Maxtor drive recognition problems at boottime. I'm running 3.0.4 BTW at this moment without problems whatsoever, except this d*mned Maxtor dropping drive thing. It is also very important to mention what firmware you are experiencing these issues with, and whether the drives are connected directly to the SATA(-RAID) controller or if there perhaps is a backplane in between (like in a hot-swap chassis or drive cage). Maxtor keeps on repeating to customers that there is no problem, but I now for a fact that the EMEA and USA tech support dept. is well aware of this problem, and that there is at least some work done to solve this. But I am waiting as many of us are. Don't hesitate to push your local Seagate support dept. to provide a fix.
  7. How frequently are those drives dropping and are the drives directly connected to the RAID controller or is there a backplane (hot swap chassis or drive cage) in between? Compwzrd's experience is different from mine for now, but my dropping drive problem was not solved by upgrading to VA111670. 6V250F0 and 6V300F0 use the same firmware, but you should contact Maxtor in any case, or you'll void the warranty by performing an unauthorized firmware update. Maxtor's e-mail support s*cks (at least my experience). Their phone support is much better.
  8. Hi all, I'm experiencing exactly the same problem as you described here. I have a 3ware/amcc 9550sx-8lp controller with eight 300GB Maxline III harddisks (7V300F0). They were equiped with firmware VA111630 and produced near the end of Jan 2006. The system is a Supermicro SC833T-R760 chassis (with 760W PSU), and I'm running Linux, 64-bit, but I don't think this is a OS related problem. The system works fine, but randomly with intervals of many days of normal operation q drive drops out of the array. It is always a different drive, and always a different slot. Rebooting the machine does not help. The drive remains completely dead or inaccessible. I have to cold boot the machine, or I have to hot-remove and reinsert the drive. Then it starts working again completely normally. I complained about this to AMCC and Maxtor, and they sent me firmware VA111670. The problem did not go away, although I have the impression that the frequency of occurance has been reduced somewhat. I have tried all sorts of things, like reducing the speed from 3.0Gbps to 1.5Gbps, all to no avail. The longest period of continuous trouble free operation was 17 days in a row. The shortest 22 hours. On average statistically each drive fails every 56 days of operation (/8 drives = 1 case every week on average). The "defective" drives afterwards do not appear to have any sector defects that might cause these timeouts. I'm putting my story here in the hope that there are other "me too"'s. Maxtor claims to have only received one report about this, namely mine. I have told them that I am not the only one, but for "only two" customers they are refusing to escalate this problem with a high priority. In the meantime I have been experiencing this problem for 8 weeks now. "Complete customer satisfaction". I'm not satisfied at all at this moment. I know that AMCC/3ware, the RAID card manufacturer, is currently in the process of attempting to reproduce this problem themselves with the Maxtor hard drives. I'm waiting for their feedback.