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  1. old video card( nvidia tnt2, model 64/ model 64 pro) = shot new video card(ati 8500 le) = doesn't want to install reason = "this device cannont find any free memory range resources to use (code 12) if you want to use this device, you must disable another device that is using the resources this device needs. To do this, click Hardware Troubleshooter and follow the instructions in the wizard" but the H.T. tells me that if in the resources tab there's nothing in the conflicting device list, that i shouldn't do a thing... and just restart, yet i've restarted my comp over 10 times before i decided to give up... help me! lol please :-)
  2. Koggit

    Security of wireless phones?

    I have a normal phone and I hear other peoples convos all the time.
  3. Ok yea those sites arnt telling the complete story its a book about the koran
  4. Koggit

    Postings on this Forum

    so what? you call someone out for there editing, that just makes them look like more of a chump.
  5. Does anyone else notice he makes no actual sense sometimes? Jason, do you read what the others say to you? You almost quote everything except for the things that make you seem foolish and idiotic, you claim to be making reasonable responses, and some of them are reasonable but they've been said before, I doubt anyone reads your posts except maybe the giver but he's just looking for an opening to make a fool of your self. (BTW your good at leaving openings)
  6. Looked to be more of proving an idiot more than flaming to me.
  7. yeah, next its coins and bills.
  8. so I can have my right of free speech except when I'm school or in the post office?
  9. Koggit

    Now I know why she's so happy....

    And just the other day my dad told me to start to read more threads here.
  10. What will this accoplish if it is removed? what great purpose will removing or not removing it serve?
  11. What are you guys talking about, we're 'forced' to say the pledge, I've come this close *pinchs fingers* to getting 3 refferals (a ticket to the principal) for not rising for the pledge. Majority of my class does recite it so no peer presure has nothin to do with it.
  12. Koggit

    Big Brother is no longer a toddler

    If thats not the most obvious case of trolling I dont know what is.
  13. Wow that is too far, good lord. We cant even watch a pg-13 movie at our school.
  14. Koggit


    Cowboy Bebop has great music, very jazzy check it out.
  15. Koggit

    Putting a sock in it

    I dont understand what this guy is trying to do. I mean he comes here and accuses (spl?) jehh of fraud and what not and whats his proof? some link to ebay he says "he has 101 bad whatevers" out of how many deals? almost 1500, and then that email. That can be so eaisly fabricated. Do you have any proof thats what you really emailed to him?