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    Seagate 7200.10 Review

    Do we know whether the 250GB model of the 7200.10 is as loud as the 320 and 750 are turning out to be, or is it just a gamble again? I might get one, just to satisfy my curiosity. Presumably, the 250GB model has two platters also.... ST3250620AS is on sale locally.
  2. Lord Beau

    Yet another Vista beta available

    Beware! I DLed the Office 2007 Beta 2 and had to uninstall it as it didn't work with my existing .xls and .doc merge documents. Also it isn't backwards compatible. So for the new Windows , make a drive image first or install it as a dual-boot in case it's manky or messes up your system...
  3. Lord Beau


    Do you think the 250GB version (WD2500KS) is anything like as good? Compared to the Samsung 250GB model, for example? Or is the 500GB model much faster?
  4. Lord Beau


    How does the desktop : WD5000KS fare in comparison? Anyone know? is it as quiet?
  5. Lord Beau


    As this model is RAID edition, does that mean it is not really suitable for regular Desktop use?
  6. Lord Beau

    Which Seagate drive is this?

    Sure, one thing on that Novatech site must be written in error. Is it the series or the manufacturer code, I don't know. Yes, this model code belongs to the 7200.10 series, not to the 7200.9 But both they are 2-platter drives, with platter size 125GB or more (most probably 133GB short-stroked but may-be also newer 160-166GB short stroked version). If it is 7200.9/250GB then it is noticeably slower than 7200.9/160GB drive. If it is perpendicular 7200.10 and uses higher density platters, it may be as fast as 7200.9/160GB but I doubt it will be faster. Although theoretically it can be a bit faster if 160-166-188GB short stroked platters used. Still, these small differences in pure synthetic reading speed are not noticeable in real life applications. Thanks. Do we think that noise and performance will be similar to the 7200.10 320GB model? In other words, noise and not that special? I'm still intrigued...
  7. Lord Beau


    It's very interesting. Some drives I have not heard of yet. I'm afraid I'm going to buy the 7200.9/7200.10 250GB 16MB model just out of curiosity to see how it compares with my noisy 320GB 7200.10. Performance may or may not be better....
  8. http://www.novatech.co.uk/novatech/specpage.html?SG-79S256 According to Novatech, it's a 7200.9. According to Seagate, the Manf. Code: ST3250620AS for this drive on the Novatech website is a 7200.10. Is it faster/newer than the routine 7200.9 160GB model? What platter size do you reckon it is? thanks...
  9. Lord Beau

    Silencing the Raptor

    Has anyone tried any of the following in a bid to silence/cool the Raptor? - Zalman ZM-2HC2 - a series of tubes that cover the drive and might help cool it but probably don't stop the clattering - Silentmaxx HDD enclosure (Might like to try them on the 7200.10, also). It seems the Raptor is still king but I CAN'T STAND the noise and heat...
  10. Lord Beau

    Seagate 7200.10 Review

    Actually, I found it louder than even the Raptor - sort of an amplified Raptor. Question is: will the smaller 7200.10 models all roar like this, and will the newer 7200.9 ones as well....
  11. Lord Beau

    Raptor 75GB on sale

    Good point - and hopefully lest heat.
  12. Lord Beau

    Raptor 75GB on sale

    I see that komplett are stocking the new 75GB Raptor with 16MB cache. Well, I got rid of my 150GB model because it was too noisy and became too hot. Do you suppose that: - The 75GB is any quieter (almost certainly, no) - It runs any cooler? (probably yes). The other one was like touching the inside of a toaster. Do we expect a 38GB model with 16MB cache as on the WD website? WHO KNOWS....
  13. Run HDTach and stand back as the house crumbles. Mine was a 320GB, though. Maybe some of us are unlucky.
  14. Just to throw my 2 pennies' worth into this heated debate: I disabled pagefile recently and have had ONE very minor issue (which I don't care about). I have only 1GB of RAM and have noticed no performance loss though have ordered another 1GB RAM just to make sure. People who "know about such things" tell me disabling a pagefile is not a good idea but I'm going to keep trying!
  15. Lord Beau

    Samsung vs Barracuda?

    I didn't know Samsung made a 300GB disk..... The 250GB model is a good performer and silent. The 7200.10 will outperform it by a small but significant margin IMO but will make a terrific racket while doing it. See other posts on 7200.10! (I have both disks). Didn't know about the Samsung T133. I only have experience of the SP2504C SpinPoint P120 SATA Series. It may be that the T133 is faster - not sure!