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    Promise SuperTrak EX8350 PCIe x4

    I have an EX8350 which I am attempting to test but I would like some feed back on how to do this. Let me explain:- I have an Asus P5WD2 motherboard. Pentium D, 2 Mb Ram, Windows 2000 and the Promise controller is installed and works fine in the 16X Universal slot In this I have:- Two Maxtor PATA drives mirrored as drive C Two Maxtor Maxline 250GB SATA2 drives attached to the motherboard SATA controller Eight Maxtor Maxline 250Gb SATA2 drives attached to the Promise card. 7 configured as a RAID 6 array. Initially I was testing by copying a set of files totalling 1Gb from my C drive to various combinations of drives. I found that a single Maxtor drive was capable of around 45Mb per sec so this was my baseline. I was disappointed to find that the RAID 6 array was slower than this at around 41Mb/sec. Curiously is the drives were set up by jumper to SATA1 this increased to 48 Mb/sec, still nothing special but makes one question whether NCQ is working as it should with the Promise. Then I read an earlier posting which suggested that the read speed of the source drive might be a problem. So since then I have done further tests still writing to the same Raid 6 array but changing the configuration of the drives I am copying from. This has given me results up to 121 Mb/sec. So I still don't really have a valid test and maybe some of the previous postings have the same problems. Looking at many of the hard disk speed test programs available they also use a simialr technique of copying files then calaculating a speed from the size and time. So how do you test a RAID array properly - any ideas?