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    Storage Review

    SR has been a great resource for me in the past. However, im begginign to notice the total lack of modern storage information:SSD. Has SR put any thought into including the new SSDs in the database? Or adding a new DB for flash drives and such? I think that would be rather useful
  2. ZGold550

    NAS -- SATA

    I do think PATA would be fine, but the deal is somehow we get these incredibly cheap OEM sata drives from an around the corner shop.... who knows. I'll ask around about the file-server idea though, Thanks! -Zach
  3. ZGold550

    NAS -- SATA

    We leave the executables to the software our company produces on a shared drive at each of our clients offices. So when we need to upgrade the office, its just one simple drive that needs to be changed.
  4. ZGold550

    Areca 1220 and Raptors

    The areca page on it which has me so confused is I am on 1.41 and still have the problem :-( Oh, and i did email them.... no response.
  5. Hey all, I setup a new system with 2 150Gb raptors on an areca 1220, and they're blisteringly fast when the system is on, but during bootup it hangs at "Waiting for RAID F/W" or something like that for a good 35 seconds. Their website acknowleges a problem with the card and the raptors and says itll be fixed in the next firmware release. (1.4) I tried (and succeeded, at least in doing the upgrade) to upgrade to what appeared to be newer firmware (1.41) on their FTP, but it didnt do anything, and im not bold enough to try the beta drivers. Anybody else had this experience? I'm currently running V1.41 of the firmware. Thanks in advance for any suggestions!
  6. ZGold550

    NAS -- SATA

    It looks great but, im confused how it comes out to 600$. lets see, its got: A bunch of alluminum a 400Mhz processor System board with 2 gigabit controllers Some power supply some sort of OS some small amount of ram Sata Controller Maybe some fans So, why 600 bucks? I could swear with some micro-ATX board I could do that by hand for much much less than 600. It does look like a handy little system though, meh. And as to the linksys USB idea, I did like it, alot, but im not sure my boss would like the reliability issue, with the usb drives not spinning down etc. We'll see what happens, in the interum, thanks alot for all your input! Let me know if anybody finds anything else.
  7. ZGold550

    NAS -- SATA

    We're looking to buy like 20-30 of them, simply plug in and go in client's offices. Installing an operating system is enough of a hassle, but if we have to debug it offsite, its infinitly more difficult than something that comes with its own neat little firmware package meant to be run as a NAS.
  8. ZGold550

    NAS -- SATA

    So, im basically looking for some Network Attatched storage, simple, right? Unfortunatly not. The office im working for currently has some Synology DS-101s in the closet that are OK. They have 1 bay for a SATA hardrive, which is perfect, ok compatability and ethernet RJ-45 sounds good. Unfortunatly they have a max concurrent connection of 32 users. Im essentially looking for this exact piece, but for an unlimited number (or at least >32) number of concurrent user connections. I've looked through linksys, dlink, mapower, tritton, thecuz etc. etc., and can find a bunch of OK IDE ones, but nothing in the right price range for SATA. So im just looking for some advice, or a good direction to look for a SATA NAS Enclosure, or actually I want to purchase a bunch of them, I have the drives. Any ideas? Much appreciated
  9. Im pretty sure nobody can even purchase a 590 or 570 board until AM2 is released on the 23rd, so, unlikely anybodys made a review yet =P
  10. ZGold550

    Raptor 300GB

    I'de like to see at least a 225G raptor with 3 platters =P
  11. I guess if the old file isnt fragmented its just a sustained write, but a new file might be created in fragments? I dunno.
  12. ZGold550


    There is a thread on here about the PCI-E x4 promise card, which is nice because on the high end SLI X16 boards you can have SLI and the raid card -- but i hear its kinda slow for stuff like raid 5. However personally, for the system im going to build, i chose to ditch SLI (or X-fire) and get the X8 areca raid card, 128MB onboard cache and i hear its wicked fast (8 ports). It'll take up one of my two X16 slots, but then again, im sure i'll survive with just one x1900xt.
  13. ZGold550

    Raptor vs Caviar

    While i have no benchmark to show this, or anything of that sort: I would put $500 on the line that if you had two identicle systems setup next to eachother. One with say 2 caviars in raid 0 and one system with only 1 caviar: You would notice a significant difference between the two in boot up times, app load times, and overall "feel" of the system. Again, this is an unquantifiable experience, and from my history working with computers, certainly holds true quantitatively. With that said, the case is dramatically different from 2x 74gb raptors vs 1x 150gb raptor. Due to the reliability issue, and the fact that the 150GB Raptor performs so much better alone than a single 74gb raptor, I, as those above me, recommend the single raptor.
  14. 8 controllers for 2000 drives? SCSI? O_o
  15. ZGold550

    Pentium D 805

    http://www.anandtech.com/cpuchipsets/showdoc.aspx?i=2736&p=6 Anand has the 805 performing worse(or close to) than the AMD 3000+, which is like, _bottom_ of their line (Goes for $130 too). Eeks. Then again, it is dual core.