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  1. Can everyone who has the Supertrak EX83xx post your results from HDtach, thanks. Raid6, Average = 42MB/s, Burst = 133MB/s
  2. p.a.n.d.y

    Promise SuperTrak EX8350 PCIe x4

    Anyone using v2.2.0.23 of the webpam for windows software? I'm trying to locate the ncq settings for my seagate 7200.9 drives ... but don't see it in any of the menu/drive setting tabs.
  3. Well to begin with, Raid6 requires minimum of 6 drives. That's what I have for my current setup. Windows only sees the total size of the usable Raid setup. So, if you have 8 drives in a RAID6, that's 6x320 = 1920MB. Depending on how the system actually calculates all the MB in that ..... it should be under the 2TB limit (I think).
  4. p.a.n.d.y

    Supertrak 8350 woes

    I'm using the EX8300. But, should be no difference except for the slot interface. I haven't installed Windows directly onto my RAID6 via the controller. But, suse 10 has been loading onto it fine with the included driver. My question ... you mention PAM (haven't installed that yet) ... have you tried to create the RAID5 via the Promise/Supertrack BIOS that comes right up after POST?
  5. p.a.n.d.y

    Promise SuperTrak EX8350 PCIe x4

    Hi All, Has anyone been able to do a install of any linux distro onto the Supertrak ex83??'s (i have the ex8300) raid containers from the getgo? I've been unable to get centos or fedora core5 to utilize the drivers during install. thanks.
  6. you shouldn't have to initialize it. the steps you should take would be to clear the configuration settings (containers) on the new card that you will be using before you add the drives in. after you hook up the drives -- the card will see that the drivers have container information on them and you will be able to set the card's container info as what is set on the drives.
  7. what's to keep you guys from buying a card from a usa shop and importing it into your country? i highly doubt customs gets to check 50% of packages ...
  8. Ok .. i've perused the search functions of the forum and don't think i've seen a definite answer to this question yet. everything mentioned has been iffy ... after reading about 5-10 treads that i could find. Question: If a port multiplier is used (e.g. - CoolGear SATA II to 5-SATA Hard Drive Multiplier BridgeBoard Solution) with a raid controller (e.g. lsi megaraid mr300) ... will the raid controller support all the drives connected to it and be able to build/create a RaidX container? Or is the raid building/create simply limited to the # of drives = # ports built into the card? I'm looking to get a 4-port sata raid controller and expand nominally as i need it by adding more drives via a external enclosure.