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  1. What about 2x 320G 7200.10 vs. 1x 740AFAD ? I already have one 320G 7200.10 and a 3112 raid card (collecting dust at the moment). I had a 3rd drive so data backup is not an issue. Costs wise, the 7200.10 solution is usd 100 and the 740AFAD is about usd 180 here in Hong Kong.
  2. sungwai

    Which notebook HD ?

    Years ago I got both the 8MB IBM 40GNX and a 16MB Toshiba GAX. The 40GNX is hands down much faster than the 40GB GAX; even faster than benchmarks show: The 60GB GAX has higher areal density, but you can see, even the old 8MB GN does pretty well against it. The new IBM disks are better still. 213429[/snapback] Interesting. The Toshiba I interested is the newer one MK6026GAX. I wonder if the performance is the same. Will the 16M cache can save more tear & wear and battery life (as read&write) in real life.
  3. sungwai

    Which notebook HD ?

    I am only interested in the two hd I mentioned. I don't need 7.2k because it would kill the battery time and 4.2k is probably too slow.
  4. sungwai

    Which notebook HD ?

    Warranty is not an issue here (Hong Kong). If both are 8M cache, I sure would go with Hitachi but just wondering if the 16M cache Toshiba is faster I have been using a 40G Hitachi 5.4k rpm/8M cache for almost 2 years w/o problems.
  5. sungwai

    Which notebook HD ?

    Both Toshiba 60G/16M cache/ 5.4k rpm and Hitachi 60G/8M cache/ 5.4k rpm are about the same price (around 90usd). Which one is better ? I will use it in a digital wallet (digimate ii plus).
  6. Which one would you recommand ? I will partition into 2 drives - OS and data (i.e, BT). At the moment I want to get the wd3200jb due to the size and $/gb. Will the 16M cache on the DM10 help on BT (i.e, less freq. write to the HD and hence better reliability) ? Will the T7k250 be much faster than the wd3200jb ? The thing I don't like the T7k250 is it is only 250G.
  7. sungwai

    Deskstar 7K250 - When?

    Sorry for the typo. New series 120G = hkd890 160G = hkd 1250 Old series 120G= hkd880 180G= hkd 1350
  8. sungwai

    Deskstar 7K250 - When?

    Already available in Hong Kong The price for the 120G (I believe it is 8M version) sells for hkd 890 (1usd = 7.8 hkd) which is very similar to the old 180GXP. The price for the 180G is hkd1250 which I think it is a tack too expensive I was expected the 240G should sell around the same price as the old 180G (around hkd1350) as both are 3 platters drive but I think it quite be away a bit more expensive since the 180G is already too expensive.
  9. I say yes. I bought the 120G 180GXP yesterday and windows is much more responsive than my 80G Maxtor D740X. I am not saying the Maxtor is a bad HD but I do feel a diff. with my new IBM.
  10. Which is the coldest and can stand the highest temp 7200rpm HD ? I ask this because I want to use it in a bookpc (I know I shouldn't use a 7200rpm HD). Is it the Maxtor ? Seagate is quite hot (I had one before). Remark: Fluid bearing is not available for all HD as they are hard to find or impossible to find in Hong Kong. Thanks.
  11. sungwai

    1x WD1200JB or 2x IBM 120GXP RAID

    I am not sure if I should do it because it does not costs much for me do it. I have a 80g Maxtor ata 133 and a 60G IBM GXP60. I already have a abit hotrod pro (ata 100 raid card) sitting here which I got from a bundle deal sometime ago. Now I need to build a new system and I am moving my 60g ibm to the new system. I will buy another hd for my main system anyway so I can just buy another 80g Maxtor ata 133 and do raid. Should I do it ? :roll:
  12. I am going to use the Abit HotRod 100 Pro (already got it). Is the Abit driver (2.0.1019) or the highpoint generic driver (2.31) is better ? Thanks. Tony
  13. sungwai

    Considering ABit AT7 MAX

    I got no problems with no serial and parallel ports but USB keyboard is still not popular enough. I am using a high end Logitech wireless optical keyboard/mouse and my keyboard is still of p/s 2 type :cry:
  14. Hi, I am planning to to Raid 0 with a pair of Maxtor ata-133 (80G) on an Abit HotRod 100Pro (which I already have). Since the drives are ata-133, will I benefits from getting a ata-133 raid card ? :? I know a single Maxtor ata-133 on an ata-100 interface but not sure in a raid config. Thanks. Tony
  15. Hi, My Maxtor ata-133 (primary) is shown as running ultra dma-1 while my IBM (on slave) is running ultra dma-5. Is this suppose to be normal ? I am using an Epox 8kha+ which only supports ata-100. Thanks.