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    Promise SuperTrak EX8350 PCIe x4

    I assume you are booting from the 2x Seagate ST3160812AS (Mirror boot disk) which are running from the mobos NV SATA controller. Then you have 4x Maxtor 6Y160M0 (NV Stripe) also running from the mobos NV SATA controller and the 6x Maxtor 6L250S0 (Raid 6 data drive) on the Promise SuperTrak EX-8350 That's fantastic, I hope it works with Windows XP. I purchased an Asus A8N-E and SuperTrak EX-8350 in January and I can't use the NV SATA RAID and SuperTrak EX-8350 RAID together. Can you specify exactly what versions of the bios and drivers you are using?