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  1. New or used. 250 gig please. or more looking for more than one drive (2 or 3) post away please. (i have heatware and ebay)
  2. ibby

    scsi help

    right thanks that controller car is out of stock however how does this card look ? http://cgi.ebay.com/megaraid-500-scsi-raid...1QQcmdZViewItem ibby
  3. ibby

    scsi help

    RIght guys ive taken the plung and bought a SCSI drive http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...:B:EOIBSA:UK:31 i think it is a good price. However i know nothing about scsi and would like info on 1) what cables i would need including terminators and 2) controller card suited to that drive many thanks
  4. @HMTK Iam looking at the longer road. Eventually when i go scsi I will bung all my ide hdds onto that controller. I always though controller memory would be an advantage as it can keep the regulary written /read info into memory. @francisco. I have never used 2ware controllers. Do you have a particular one in mind. My latest raid controller is the adaptec 1200A - its standard, but quite good. the Setup util is easy to use and the software supplied is ok. The controller has never let me down, never hung or crash, and has hot plug and play raid 1+0 JOBD. However i think my controller is limiting me :- becuase when i run benchmarks on my HDDs they come out to be slower then 1 single drive in raid 0, in raid 1 they are similar. I will be using raid 0 and would be looking at windows xp pro/ maybe 2003 sbs server. Ive looked at Areca, they are out of my budjet.
  5. Hell o guys I need some advise I would like to buy a IDE raid controller, however my money to spend is limited to 150$ It must have hot swap capability, and have onboard cache. I dont mind buying second hand, and have seen the adaptec 2400a stand out in several reviews. the bay prices are about 100$, can i get any more for my money ? Ill be running 2 hdds Please post suggestions.
  6. I would like an IDE RAID CONTROLLER it must have onboard cache. Please post what you have got for sale. or email me ibby@cmia.co.uk thanks