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    Yup, yet another which drive question (NAS)

    HGST Deskstar NAS. Reds are probably too slow, the Red Pro is unproven, and the RE4 is a noisy, hot running beast. The Seagate NAS is just a relabelled Desktop.15, so same issue as the Red as far as speed is concerned. Though, to be fair the 412+ is pretty old now, there's faster NAS units out there for probably less money. The 415play has hardware encoding for certain apps, I'm not sure if that includes Plex just yet. I'd recommend the Asustor AS604T. It is an Atom based unit (D2700), 2 cores, 4 threads, and totally wipes the floor with most of the Synology units. I'm also finding the Asustor is more stable than Synology - with the various Synos I had, I was always having to tinker and fiddle with them to keep everything happy. The Asustor I plugged in, copied the files over, and basically forgotten about it since. Even an AS204T is probably as fast as the 412+, though it lacks expansion options (the 604T has 2x eSATA expansion ports).
  2. Valleyforge

    Synology DS415play NAS Review Discussion

    Noise and power consumption really are a must - these things are designed for home use, and I don't know anyone that's happy to run a noisy machine that sucks power.
  3. Valleyforge

    Synology DS415play NAS Review Discussion

    No mention that this is an Atom-based NAS dual core with HT, not the dual core ARM Marvell of the 414. No internal pictures. No power consumption figures. No noise readings. OK for a draft, looking forward to the real review.
  4. Valleyforge

    How come my 840 EVO is slower than Vertex 3?

    It's something to do with Sandforce drives. I have an ancient Kingston V+200 that's Sandforce, and it is the fastest "feeling" drive, even compared to the latest Samsung drives. I know, it makes no sense, but that's the way it is.
  5. Valleyforge

    Buying a 6TB disk in the UK

    Try and hold off a few months, there should be better availability of bigger drives. But, as others have said, you really want to be using a SSD for the DB stuff and just use a spinner for your big 'slow' data.
  6. Valleyforge

    Slow write speed on intel Raid 5 (6xRED 4tb)

    As others have said, running 6 drives in RAID5 on Intel FakeRAID is a terrible idea.
  7. Valleyforge

    New Defective? Samsung Spinpoint M8

    Sounds like it's dead. Which is unusual for the M8, it's been around a long time, and considered a solid, reliable drive. Sounds like a NewEgg warehouse minion mishandled it.
  8. Valleyforge

    Seagate 8TB HDD Now Shipping Discussion

    Looks like a drive that would suit my needs fine. Even the slowest drive can serve my needs, which is usually a single movie at a time being streamed off my NAS. I think I'm probably in the same boat as most home users that have a NAS, it's pure bulk storage with minimal access.
  9. Is it just me, or is SanDisk's naming convention confusing? I can never tell what's new, what's old, slow, fast. You really need a code wheel to figure out what is what.
  10. Valleyforge

    OCZ ARC 100 SSD Review Discussion

    I still think they're wasting their time. With OCZ's past history (relabeling and overclocking RAM, the terrible SSDs, and pretty dire PSUs), they still have a lot to prove that they're not the same company. If things have changed so much, Toshiba should have dumped the OCZ name and got rid of all that past history. The only way they'll sell OCZ branded drives is to newbies who are sucked in by big discounts, or by the drives hanging in blister packs in the local electronics store (Radio Shack, Maplin, etc).
  11. Valleyforge

    OCZ ARC 100 SSD Review Discussion

    It's totally fair, because I've seen nothing that shows OCZ have changed. A terrible product owned by a different company is still a terrible product. It just has a different label on it.
  12. Did you format the drive if it's a new one? It won't get a drive letter until you do...
  13. Valleyforge

    OCZ ARC 100 SSD Review Discussion

    After the terrible reliability and even worse firmware on the old OCZ drives, why would anyone who suffered those buy these new OCZ SSDs? I had 5 Agility3 units before I got one that worked for more than a month.
  14. I'm aware of that, I was only throwing that in as a bonus statement. If the UK government has gone to the lengths of setting up a whole department to test Huwiieieeie's stuff, I think I'd be avoiding that stuff...who knows what's hiding in the firmware. Tinfoil hat on.
  15. Well, as one who occasionally specs IT hardware, and having done the Ethical Hacking courses, I doubt I'd ever recommend, or even consider Huawei because of that nagging doubt in the back of my mind that there's a possibility of something going on thanks to the Chinese government. There was also some security concerns expressed in UK government about the big deal British Telecom did with Huawei and the ADSL equipment they're using. Besides, I've had the misfortune of having some Huawei equipment (ADSL modem router supplied by my ISP, the PVR supplied by my ISP, and a 3G USB dongle) and it's all pure junk. Terrible stuff. Interesting reading:
  16. And only 6 backdoors available to the Chinese government...
  17. I assume so, because the RE weighs a lot more than a Black. It's obvious the RE is a far better constructed drive just by looking at it. It's like the difference between a Kia and a BMW. I don't know how, but I know it is.
  18. Agreed, my backup former main NAS is now my backup NAS. It is a Synology DS213j with a pair of 4TB Desktop.15 drives (ST4000DM000) and I'm very happy with them. They've been running like champs for over a year, not bad considering they were shucked from really cheap Seagate Expansions external drives. I've no hesitation in recommending them either.
  19. The RE drives are far, far better built. Them and the Se drives are good units, and have very little similarities to the consumer drives. I think when I replace my NAS drives, I'll most likely either go for Re/Se or just cheap out and buy 6TB Greens.
  20. How much vibration are you going to get in a 2 or 4 bay NAS with a few 5900rpm drives in it? Vibration might be an issue in a 24-bay rack NAS, but I honestly don't see it being any issue for a NAS that these drives are supposed to be used in. Any 2 or 4 bay NAS I've seen have have rubber or plastic vibration reducing mounts in the bays. Again, I think it's all marketing BS to add an extra $30 to the price tag of a cheap drive.
  21. Anyone remember when WD made "the" SCSI controllers to have? My Amiga 3000 is still rocking along with it's onboard WD SCSI controller. WD are'nt new players in the storage controller business, they've just been snoozing for a long time.
  22. Anecdotally, I think the Red is nothing but a Green with different firmware. Just turn off/down the idle timer on the Green and be happy at saving yourself $30 per drive. It's what I'll be doing next time I upgrade my NAS drives - the HGST drives I have currently are fine things, but run warmer and use more power than is required on my NAS, I only play a few TV shows off it in an evening, so the slowest drive available is fine for my uses. The HGST 7200rpm units are severe overkill as far as performance goes.
  23. So, if all drives are going to fail, I must be doing something very wrong. I've 100 PCs at work which all run 24/7, and since I started in 2007 do you know how many drives I've had fail? None. I even still have 80GB WD800JB drives running in a few machines (old P4 HT Dell optiplexes). Only drive failures I had at home were drives that had broken SATA connectors or the likes, or got dropped. In the last 7 years I've had more SSDs fail than HDDs.
  24. Probably because the 1TB Blacks aren't Blacks at all, they're just relabelled Blues.
  25. Valleyforge

    WD selling Blues as Blacks?

    I've had a chance to play with both my WD5000AAKX and the WD1003FZEX, and they not only benchmark very similarly, but they sound the same and they even vibrate the same. I'm feeling a bit ripped off - I could have had a 1TB Blue with extended warranty for less than the 1TB 'Black'. Thankfully I purchased this drive through Amazon, so I might just return it.