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  1. Me too Hell I would even help out with reviews and locating drives. I live pretty close to the mailling address and I work in the storage industry so I have some access to new drive as well as contacts at drive vendors.
  2. draksia

    Required PCI-E SCSI 320 HBA

    One doesn't exist. LSI does make a pci-e raid controller though. http://lsilogic.com/storage_home/products_...202e/index.html It is likely more then you where looking spend.
  3. draksia

    Technical Hard Drive Information

    Just a note wikipedia is great source for finding other sources. Proper articles all have there sources listed at the bottom.
  4. I will email you 0005 when I get home from work.
  5. draksia


    I third party utility like SCSI Toolbox should be able to flash the firmware. I have never used SCSI Toolbox with an Adaptec SAS HBA but it works ok with an LSI one. Personally I have had massive problems with the Adaptec HBA's. The LSI ones are bad but not near as bad as the Adaptec ones.
  6. draksia

    Seagate Cheetah 15K.5

    My sources indicate all Maxtor enterprise levels will be EOL in middle Nov. All current production has been allocated and no new orders are being accepted. The 15k.5 performance out side of STR is pretty underwhelming. I guess it would be for streaming video but other then that it looks just slow.
  7. draksia

    Where to get Seagate 15k.4 FIRMWARE?

    I will see if I can find a copy of it for you but you didn't get it from me ok.
  8. I am not a mac person but would it be possible to format and then try the install. You may have to use a bootable linux cd to get the reformat to work but I am pretty sure that would work.
  9. Just for reference there is another upgrade coming out this Friday(4/14) that should improve performance once agian. You didn't here it from me though.
  10. While the supermicro is OEM it is also avialable from certian retailers. I am currently running one that I purschased from www.monarchcomputer.com With the recent drop in the price of Opteron 265's it is relatively affordable to put together a quad core system. The bad part is that registered ecc ram is still much more expensive then regular ddr. If you are really planning to 3 or more devices that using that much bandwidth then you are going to want a professional based system ethusiast level products just won't handle that kind of load.