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    Promise SuperTrak EX8350 PCIe x4

    I take that back after another test I've realized that although the nForce4 controller seems fine, you can't boot from it when there is another array on the promise card, however if there is no array everything is fine. Could you explain the details a little more? Would it be possible to boot from a PATA DVD drive (probably connected to the nforce controller), if you already have an array with operating system on the ex8350 running, for installing another OS on the array or so? I do not yet understand what the point is that the nforce controller is not bootable anymore. Since I need the PATA controller what would I have to do to get it working for e.g. a bootable cd or dvd or an installation?! thx frank
  2. raidummy

    Promise SuperTrak EX8350 PCIe x4

    Very good to know! If I remember right the person that told me that the onboard controllers would not function was an employee of asus at the CeBIT in Germany. At this time I was not to focused on that information and did not ask further questions but afterwards I realized the importance for me. Perhaps this concerns only asus (or perhaps I really mix something up ;-) ) ?! Could you tell me what mainboard and raidcontroller you use? If it would not be to complicated for you it would be nice to know if the sata controller is also still functioning. thx frank
  3. raidummy

    Promise SuperTrak EX8350 PCIe x4

    Hi. I heard a rumor that on nforce4 boards, if you plug in a raid controller, the onboard controller would not function anymore. Is this really true? Since I am also interested in the combination of Asus A8N-SLI Premium and Promise EX8350 I would like to ask you if this is true. Since I would like to reuse my dvd-burner (PATA) or older hds (PATA) this would not be very good for me. Anyone ever had any problems concerning this? thx frank Despite being listed as backordered to the 26th, I magically received my card on the 25th-- woohoo! Linux setup looks pretty involved since I'm running Debian, not Red Hat or SUSE, so I gave it a go under Windows XP on another machine first (Asus A8N Premium, Athlon64 X2 4200). The package includes a low-profile faceplate, perfect for 2U servers, 8 SATA cables, and a bunch of 4-pin-to-SATA-power cables. There's what looks like a manual but it's really a 90-page quickstart guide, only 8-10 pages of which are in English. Ha. The real manual is a PDF on the included driver CD. The card fits in a 4x PCI-E slot. I plan to try it in the 16x slot also since that's what the Tomcat K8E has. Getting this running on Windows was a cinch: I set up a test RAID1 volume and ran some stress tests. I installed the WebPAM software which is a Java webapp for local & remote management of the RAID. I'm annoyed that everything WebPAM does is not also provided via simple command line tools, since I have no intention of running WebPAM on my live server. This means I have to reboot and use the BIOS tool-- suck! Perhaps I will break down an access WebPAM through an SSH tunnel or such. Now I'm going to give the Linux side of things a try on the same box (Asus A8N, not the Tomcat yet) under Gentoo amd64 running 2.6.13 rc6. Crossing my fingers..