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    BIOS not showing my SSD M.2

    Could you clarify the problem? Does the system boot and work correctly? I can't tell if you are asking about why the drive isn't showing up, but still works and is seen by the OS and Kingston SSD manager, or if you are asking why it won't work in that notebook but it works in others. It looks like the BIOS sees it just fine in the boot order. Being a notebook, sometimes BIOS stuff gets quirky depending on how the OEM set it up.
  2. Kevin OBrien

    How is this Speed Possible?

    Was going to say the same thing. DRAM caching.
  3. Following up from our early hands-on preview of Dell's new EqualLogic PS6210XS, we have a production version back in our lab for formal testing. Kicked off benchmarks with VMmark 2.5.1, with it running 8-tiles overnight (2x improvement over the PS6110XS). Running through the 6,4,2,1 lineup now, and going to try to hit 10-tiles before we switch to another benchmark.
  4. Kevin OBrien

    fast drive array

    What server are you using specifically? DIY storage at the level you are talking about can go south very quickly. Are the hosts Linux, VMware, or Microsoft? Each one would have a different storage in mind.
  5. Kevin OBrien

    onboard raid controller giving me grief

    I don't know if I'd ever reccomend anyone use RAID0, especially network shares. In your setup are you using a BIOS controlled software RAID for all of this, or Windows Server software RAID?
  6. Kevin OBrien

    Intel SSD DC P4510 Review

    In our SR850 config, our NVMe drives were direct attached, not through a RAID card. These were to ports off the motherboard itself.
  7. Kevin OBrien

    FIO replay fails in case of size 0

    Does the run continue with showing those errors? Which version of FIO are you running? Looking for similar issues, someone did encounter a bug that was able to get patched. This was back in 2017, so many not completely related but still worth making sure you are running the latest.
  8. With the recent launch of VMware's vSphere 6.7, we used some time last night to upgrade our main testing equipment. This included many of our Dell PowerEdge R730s and Dell PowerEdge R740xds which received firmware upgrades at the same time. To make all of this as painless as possible, we leveraged Dell's Lifecycle Controller for all things firmware on our servers, and VMware's upgrade tools for our vCSA and ESXi hosts. In this article we cover the steps we used to update and upgrade our servers. In the Lab: Upgrade to VMware vSphere 6.7
  9. Endurance is included in the specs on the TBW figure. On the controller, I'm not sure most people care one way or another on those anymore. It either performs well or it doesn't, you don't have a lot of options.I think it played a bigger role with SandForce years back where the workload you were using could be impacted by the controller, but for consumer products the 3rd party controller options aren't as variable.
  10. Spotted the problem on the BarraCuda review, one of the labels got pushed and swapped the results. We fixed it on that review with updated charts.
  11. Spotted the problem on the BarraCuda review, one of the labels got pushed and swapped the results. We fixed it on that review with updated charts.
  12. Do you mean discoloration from pressure, or longer-term wear to the screen from frequent use?
  13. Zerto made several announcements at its annual conference, ZertoCON, regarding further updates, enhancements, and details of its roadmap. Among these announcements include the availability of a term-based licensing option via a subscription model for the Zerto IT Resilience Platform, integration with the VMware VAIO framework, enhancements to long-term repositories, as well as its latest development efforts for Zerto and Microsoft Azure. ZertoCON 2019 Announcements
  14. It sounds like you are dealing with an enclosure with a chipset not designed with the intention of dealing with a very large storage device inside of it. What hardware specifically is sitting between the host connection and the drive itself?
  15. Kevin OBrien

    EMC Unity Dedup ratio

    With DR solutions, I don't think you will see a huge difference between different technologies in terms of ratios. Most DR solutions come pretty close to one another in the grand scheme of things. Some that offer background as well as inline can help, but the big difference come into play with the performance overhead.
  16. Kevin OBrien

    super slow copy from ssd to other ssd

    What you are seeing is 100% expected. Its a QLC SSD, so once writes move outside of the write buffer, it will float at 40-50MB/s. Nothing is wrong, so nothing to really fix.
  17. Today at Dell Technologies World 2019 in Las Vegas, Dell Technologies announced its new cloud infrastructure solutions to make hybrid cloud environments simpler to deploy and manage, Dell Technologies Cloud. VMware, Inc. announced that its cloud service, VMware Cloud, is now on Dell EMC. The companies state that this will provide Dell EMC customers simple, secure and scalable infrastructure delivered as a service on-premises data center and edge locations. VMware Cloud on Dell EMC combines vSphere, vSAN and NSX with Dell EMC’s sever platforms. VMware Cloud on Dell EMC is part of Dell Technologies Cloud Data Center as a Service offering. New Cloud Solutions From Dell & VMware Announced At Dell Tech World 2019
  18. Today at Dell Technologies World 2019, in Las Vegas, Dell announced Unified Workspace which integrates Dell devices and services with VMware and Secureworks to help businesses deal with end-user computing (EUC) pain points thereby allowing companies to focus on adapting their business to meet the needs of their workforce. The modern worker expects that their devices will allow them to collaborate and work the way they want, where they want, when they want. Unfortunately, these demands are a struggle for overworked IT departments that spend the majority of their time on the initial deployment of PC and other devices, answering help desk requests, and monitoring and troubleshooting these devices once they have been deployed. Unified Workspace promises to ease the burden on IT staff and improve the end users workplace experience. Dell Announces Unified Workspace At Dell Tech World 2019
  19. Both will be workable for a NAS setup and the Skyhawk is rated for constant use.
  20. Kevin OBrien

    Intel SSD DC P4500 Review

    We were using this guy.
  21. Kevin OBrien

    is my ssd about to die

    Holy cow, I remember that SSD. How is that thing even still working? Yes its failing, save your data.
  22. Kevin OBrien

    What settings for a 9271-8i without BBU

    Without knowing the type of drives or workload this is really tough to answer.
  23. Kevin OBrien

    Intel SSD 660p Series Review Discussion

    So from the QLC drives having such a massive hit, we ended up having to test them with a dataset smaller than the SLC cache part of the drive: Here you can see how the drives handled faster speeds, but on a much smaller footprint.
  24. To properly test enterprise gear, we have turned to two Lenovo ThinkServer RD240s for our enterprise test lab. StorageReview Enterprise Testing Environment: Lenovo ThinkServer RD240 Review
  25. We frequently used those RD240s with a ton of different RAID cards (including SAS3 models) without issue. I believe I even ran some drives at 12Gb/s speeds, but it was more for the hell of it, not actual testing. On the PSU connector, that was one area we never went into on these systems. For powering certain PCIe cards, what my solution did was use a male SATA power adapter to molex, chop some of the pin shroud off on the adapter and insert it into the drive backplane. That was the easiest way that was also removable if needed. Something like those, with the side pieces chopped off to allow it to slide into the backplane. This has to be carefully inserted with the utmost patience since you aren't guided into position with the DATA side. You need to make sure you are sliding it in fully seated to the power side, and not bridging any pins. Have it misplaced a mm or two and you fry the backplane.