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  1. Kevin OBrien

    Eaton 5P1550GR UPS Review Discussion

    I added the runtime chart, Eaton lists out the variable timing based on load points.
  2. Kevin OBrien

    Intel Virtual RAID on CPU (VROC) Review

    We do track/collect CPU stats during the runs as part of the vdbench logging if you wanted to see more of the raw output. Its just not a part that we track.
  3. Kevin OBrien

    H700 vs 9265-8i

    If you have plans of only running hard drives, I don't think you will see any difference between those cards.
  4. Kevin OBrien

    Samsung 860DCT SSD Review Discussion

    The fishhook is the point in over-saturation where the drive decreases performance as latency increases.
  5. Kevin OBrien

    Intel SSD 660p Series Review Discussion

    Its not corruption, its a function of the test. Prior charts as posted are graphed on IOPS vs queue depth. The new charting method charts IOPS versus latency. With consumer drives as they get overloaded, latency spikes up and IOPS will actually pull back, causing the swinging motions. These are charted with VDbenches curve profile. unrestricted workload starts, measuring the "100%" performance of the drive, then it scales from 10-120%, plotting the bathtub profile up to and through peak saturation. Some drives peak more gracefully than others. Drive models that have very smooth and predictable lines are generally the highest performing. Drives that get bogged down and go nuts are the ones that lag on performance. For QLC drives we are actually working on an even smaller subset of tested drive surface to allow the drive to better cope with the workload. Those will be coming out soon.
  6. Kevin OBrien

    FIO Benchmark

    This is the line for full latency, and correct that it is in microseconds: lat (usec): min=211, max=466, avg=267.94, stdev=18.39
  7. Kevin OBrien

    FIO Benchmark

    Context of what your are testing will help greatly on this.
  8. Kevin OBrien

    FIO Benchmark

    What are you testing? Also I've never used the -invalidate flag before, what is that used with?
  9. Kevin OBrien

    Fujitsu Storage ETERNUS AF250 S2 Review

    When we looked at DR in our past tests on the Fujitsu AF250, we leveraged 12 RAID1 pairs. RAID5/6 options would get a bit different since you can work with much larger groups, but RAID1 resulted in a vast number.
  10. With the recent launch of VMware's vSphere 6.7, we used some time last night to upgrade our main testing equipment. This included many of our Dell PowerEdge R730s and Dell PowerEdge R740xds which received firmware upgrades at the same time. To make all of this as painless as possible, we leveraged Dell's Lifecycle Controller for all things firmware on our servers, and VMware's upgrade tools for our vCSA and ESXi hosts. In this article we cover the steps we used to update and upgrade our servers. In the Lab: Upgrade to VMware vSphere 6.7
  11. Personally I’d push for that Toshiba SSD.
  12. Kevin OBrien

    Netstor NA611TB3 Review Discussion

    We tested it as JBOD, so each drive was tested individually at the same time.
  13. Kevin OBrien

    Western Digital Black 2TB Read Drops

    You could try a return to see if a drive defect is coming into play with this. What is actual performance like (moving files on and off the drive?)
  14. Kevin OBrien

    What Kind of Cache suitable for Ip camera

    What is the storage backend asking for these settings options?
  15. Kevin OBrien

    Controller for 4 8tb sas drives

    Sticking with Broadcom/Avago/LSI or Microsemi/Adaptec would be your best bet. On the OEM side, Supermicro and Dell leverage a lot of LSI products and as such there are some whitebox versions of the main LSI adapters available for a lower entry price or as system take outs. Now onto the main item, why do you need a 12gb/s adapter for HDDs? You could get a much cheaper price on something prior generation, unless you plan on adding flash into the mix.