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  1. Glacialis

    RAID card for mirroring, gaming

    Looking at this one for the time being. I shouldn't need to get one controller per drive, should I?
  2. I'm not a hardcore gamer, but gaming's the most stress my drives will see. No FPS, mostly RTS, non-WoW MMO, and strategy. I will be purchasing two SATA 3.0gb 320gb 7200.10's from Seagate, with intent to mirror. Performance? Well, an increase in read performance would be nice, but it's mostly for redundancy. I do not have PCI-Express, only PCI. Trying to find RAID cards on Newegg is highly confusing. I could buy a $15 or a $100 one, though I'd prefer $50 or so tops. So, some questions. • Is SATA 3.0gb worth it on a straight PCI bus? What's the maximum PCI transfer rate? • I have SATA on my motherboard, but I'm not sure the onboard RAID capability will do better than a separate controller. What say you? With the PCI limitation, I wonder if the onboard controllers can do a better job. Since it's mirroring, I'm not worried about keeping the drives with the card when I transfer them to a true server chassis in the future. • All that said, if I should be getting a separate controller card, which one? The driver issues for this card scare me a little, but the card otherwise seems to be dandy.
  3. Glacialis

    Help choosing a 500 gig HD

    RAID0 is mirroring, so you should be able to replace the drive and repopulate. Get into the interface for your RAID card, be it motherboard or a separate card. All shall be revealed there.
  4. Glacialis

    Seagate Barracuda 7200.9

    Planning on grabbing those 7200.9 300gb 16mb drives when I have the cash. Should I wait for the 7200.10s?
  5. Glacialis

    Seagate Barracuda 7200.9

    Bump to ditto what the above user said. Looking at purchasing the 300gb version and would like some clarifications.
  6. Glacialis

    RAID cards and SATA drives

    So in other words, unless I'm streaming digital video I won't get much out of SATA-II . As it is the 300gb 16mb 7200.9 that I'm looking at does, according to your chart, support it. Now, is it worth it for me, as a consumer, to purchase a RAID card that handles SATA-II? I will eventually toss these drives and associated RAID card into a server for 2 PC + media center use, though it's mainly going to be used as a data repository and not used nearly as much once it's not my PC's primary data volume.
  7. Any news? Playing with Robocopy it's my current favorite of the two. I don't think Beyond Compare was meant as a mass file copy tool, though it does an admirable job of actual comparing.
  8. Glacialis

    Recommended procedures for a new drive

    Many thanks for this information. Especially the MD5 utility! Does exactly what I was hoping it would do. Good MHDD documentation: It's been a while since I've tried to LLF a drive. Back when such was a good idea. Zeroing a drive sounds just fine. AIDA for that, then? Also, how does one control the temperature of a hard drive? Cover(!) it?
  9. I want to beat the crap out of my new drives and find every infinitesimal flaw, no matter how relevant. I want to do this to any new hard drive I purchase. I was surprised to not find any suggestions in the site's FAQ, so here I am. Low-level formatting. Good idea every time? If so, what are some good ways? If not, why not? If sometimes, when? Burn-in. Particular procedures or programs? SMART monitoring. Software for Windows/Linux? Utilities? What to do regularly and what to do to check a new drive? Thanks in advance!
  10. Glacialis

    RAID cards and SATA drives

    More specifically, these are the drives I'm looking at. I don't mind paying +$30 or so for an extra 50gb, but I don't see the need to go to 400gb for another 100gb and +$100.
  11. After some horrifying data losses, my current OS install has lingered on for 3(!) years. It was to be an emergency platform from which I could recover my data. Sadly, that never happened. I'm now paranoid about my data. Couldn't tell by the three hard drives I have in my poorly ventillated computer...remedying that airflow issue before I get any new drives. I'm looking at two ~300gb SATA drives, mirrored. Probably a pair of Seagate Barracuda 7200.9's. I like the five year miss...err, warranty...and the review here said that there's not too much of a difference unless you get into details. These drives will eventually be moved to a server and my desktop will get a Raptor or somesuch for its primary. For now, 2x300gb will be my primary and data storage drives. I don't trust motherboard RAID controllers, so with that info in mind: What RAID-capable cards do you, The People, recommend? And what ones to avoid despite otherwise prestigious credentials? Where can I find reviews on them? Very difficult to find HD interface reviews using Google! Finally, is there a realistic difference between SATA I/II? I'm guessing yes, but is SATA II a mature enough technology to be nifty? What drives have SATA II support?