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  1. Dr_John

    MP3 players

    +1 An 8 Gb Fuze is on my shortlist. Waiting for it to be available in black. Creative could make the world's greatest MP3 player and I wouldn't buy it. I've given them enough money in the past for crap and won't be giving them any more.
  2. LOL...I totally forgot about this. Thought SP2 would fix it. I checked with ATTO, and it didn't in my case. Thanks to all that contributed to this thread. Ran dskcache +p on my XP SP2 rig with a 39160 HBA/15K.3 Cheetah. Presto. Writes in ATTO went from abysmal to equal to read speeds. John
  3. Dr_John

    Operating System Not Found Message

    Whoops...sorry. Just noticed you did the FDISK/MBR
  4. Dr_John

    Operating System Not Found Message

    Boy have I been there.....you have to re-format you MBR. Let me look for the exact format. JOhn
  5. Dr_John

    Broadband & Firewall Protection

    As mentioned above, you can get a pretty full-featured hardware router with SPI firewall, portforwarding/blocking, DMZ, etc. for only a little more than a NAT-only router.
  6. Dr_John

    CAS 2 verses CAS 3 for ASUS P3B-F

    The difference between the performance of CAS2 and CAS3 is measureable. Crucial on their website said ~ 3% gain in system performance with CAS2. This is what I found too while running several benchmarks. You need to decide if the performance increase is worth the additional price. I've never had a problem with Crucial CAS2 on my P3B-F at CAS2. John
  7. I too am using the most recent BIOS (3.10.00; dated May 01). I wonder if domain validation overrides the BIOS scan settings. It really is annoying, especially with a dual channel card. I might be misremembering, but I don't recall the previous BIOS version (2.57a) doing this. John
  8. Hi, I must be missing something. I have an Adaptec dual-channel 39160. Every time I boot it scans every SCSI address (all 30!), even though in the SCSI BIOS utilities, I have set the "Include in BIOS scan" section to no in 29 of them. This is how I did it in the past on other Adaptec cards, and it worked. Needless to say, this greatly lengthens my boot time. Thanks in advance for the suggestions. John
  9. Awhile back when the Enermaxes were the rage (seemed like every site had a "review"; they typically just plugged them in!), I was surprised to see how poor the voltage regulation specs were. I didn't see a single reviewer point this out, although I believe Kyle at HardOCP alluded to it. The last thing I want to have problems with is a power supply, so I don't mind paying a bit more for quality. I've been using my PCP&C 275 silencer in several systems for the last 4-5 years, and never a single problem. John