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  1. I received 2 shiny new WD5000KS (the *NEW* 500Gb models) 36 hours ago.... I was going to set them up for some benchmarking since very little information seems to be available for these drives... initially I was really struggling with seting them up... I figure it was just me, never having dealt with SATA, RAID and the onboard NF4 and Silicon 3114 SATA controllers... trying out one drive at a time and running WD diagnostic software revealed infact that one drive had a broken servo/seek element... RIGHT OUT OF THE BOX!!! Very disappointing... so anyway, I thought I may aswell get to installing linux on the remaining drive.... noticed strange slowdown problems during file operations... then, following a reset of the machine I saw a BIOS S.M.A.R.T. error message telling me that the drive was in imminent danger of failing!! And soon enough, several resets later the drive was no longer being recognised by BIOS and during the reset procedure a nasty clicking noise was coming from the drive..... My system is based on a DFI Expert MB powered by an Antec NeoHE 500W PSU.... I have 3 other PATA HDs and 1 DVD burner.... Can anybody shed any light on why this happened??? I find it hard to believe that WD have such terrible manufacturing processes, but then again 1 drive was DOA.... Any similar exeriences???? drvik
  2. Hello everyone, Thought I'd update you all on these replacement drives.... they have been working ok since they arrived until recently... for the last week or so I have been getting lockups on my linux desktop when it's been left running for a few hours forcing me to perform a hard reset... subsequently during the BIOS post message one of the drives cannot be found.... only a complete power down will restore things back to normal.... This behaviour is obviously not acceptable in a server that runs 24/7..... Check out this newegg WD5000KS feedback link Consider avoiding this drive if you have other options.... drvik
  3. I just received my response from Western Dig... Is it just me or has he totally missed my point? And totally confused my hard drives with another model...?? And is he implying that if I put a non-RAID designed drive into a RAID configuration then the hard drive will mechanically fail?? Anyone else had these sorts of issues with WD??? Infact, what is it with this particula model of drive... seems that it is a highly anticipated model with lots of performace promise... yet despite me being able to purchase it there are no reviews of the drive except for the link I posted in another thread about 1 month ago... drvik
  4. Hi guys, Should the average user be looking to upgrade the firmware on their hard drive?? Is it likely to improve performance when used in a standalone fashion? And if so, do any of the manufacturers make the firmware available via the net? drvik
  5. I have a WD 400GB RE2 that had SMART errors within 3 days of purchase. I ran WD's diag software and it remapped some blocks...not sure what is going on these days with WD... Where did u buy the drive? I purchased it from a Sydney based online dealer... drives were sourced from an Aussie distributor.... brand new model, brand new drives.... it's really got me worried... I was intending to set up a RAID0 array.... now I'm quite worried... Anyone else experiencing problems with WD drives??? drvik
  6. The following link at BareFeats mentions the new Western Digital 5000KS drive for those interested.... http://www.barefeats.com/hard68.html drvik PS: Anyone know of any others?