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  1. qawsedrftgzxcvb

    Anyone tried already PlatinumHDD?

    I'd expect these to perform the same as a drive with 1GB of cache on an HBA.
  2. qawsedrftgzxcvb

    Finally I got MTRON MOBI 32GB

    Well the question is then will it use the cache? From my understanding if a drive has cache and will connect to an HBA the drive sacrifices its cache and uses that of the HBA. The MTRON drive doesn't use any cache so will putting it on a card with cache might not do any good. Not sure here just theorizing.
  3. qawsedrftgzxcvb

    Which Hdd? (For gaming)

    Raid 0 won't help. Generally better to use 2 drives. Most modern hard drives will be fine.
  4. qawsedrftgzxcvb

    Raptor or something else?

    What's to stop tweaks on the SCSI controller to help better single task performance? Flat out toe to toe most of the modern SAS drives will decimate a 150GB Raptor. Heck one of my worst `upgrades` were going from a 36GB MAU to a 150GB Raptor. Given the MAU was on a slightly more powerful controller and the MAU's caching was optimized for single operations via the HBA but the different was very noticeable.
  5. qawsedrftgzxcvb

    Why not RAID 1 with an SSD and a Raptor?

    Veritas is doing research with RAID 0 vs large caching and they're initial results have shown that it's better to get a larger cache than another disk for raid 0. I haven't seen numbers yet and I heard about this a long time ago from one of their members. Don't know what the state of their research is at this moment.
  6. M$ knowledge base Article 555223 All processes running under 32 bit Windows gets virtual memory addresses going from 0 to 4,294,967,295 (2*32-1 = 4 GB), no matter how much RAM is actually installed on the computer. When RAM is in short supply (e.g. Committed Bytes is greater than installed RAM), the operating system will attempt to keep a certain fraction of installed RAM available for immediate use by copying virtual memory pages that are not in active use to the pagefile. I also remember that a Win 32 box with 4GB of RAM will reserve .5 GB for itself. w/e I haven't used Windoze in a long time. Don't remember it all now.
  7. qawsedrftgzxcvb

    Raptor OS/app/scratch choices, help!

    Not necessarily worthless but RAID 0 has it's advantages in specific areas.
  8. qawsedrftgzxcvb

    Areca ARC-1260 or Promise EX16350?

    The Areca cards have been so rock solid I've seen people replace LSI 320-2 in their workstations over it.
  9. qawsedrftgzxcvb

    Bin Laden dead from Typhoid Fever?

    Ding Dong the Witch is dead!
  10. qawsedrftgzxcvb

    RAID setup questions

    You should be able to just unplug them and be on your way to installing a new OS. Just plug them back in when you're done. If needed reconifgure your array in the controller bios.
  11. qawsedrftgzxcvb

    SCSI Controller

    Not sure if PCI-X cards will work with the M2N32-SLI Deluxe. I was told to get a 64-bit or a 32-bit card from the vendor.
  12. qawsedrftgzxcvb

    Raptor VS. Mau3147np

    Having both a Raptor 150g and a Fujitsu MAU I can feel the difference. The MAU is more responsive and apps take less time to load. The difference wasn't woth the money spent on a nice SCSI HBA and a MAU.
  13. qawsedrftgzxcvb

    Do You Know What Happened This Week Back In 1850?

    Your alts aren't active anymore because you got busted for trolling with them.
  14. qawsedrftgzxcvb

    Do You Know What Happened This Week Back In 1850?

    Ferrell, xSTLx and his many alts are the trolls of this form. We just tend to ignore him and use him for cheap entertainment. That's about all he's good for here.
  15. qawsedrftgzxcvb

    OT: Dell sales rep

    I'd call Dell and explain the situation to them. Ask for a manager instead of a sales rep and see if anything can be worked out.