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  1. First of all I am sorry for my English...I can't speak English... I I have just looked at 250 GB Drive Roundup quickly also forum and I don't understand too much...but I see that here are intelligent people so I need Yours help... I have to buy a new 250 hard drive, because my 60GB Seagate Barracuda 4 is too small and slow. I usually play on games, recording DVD and decoding DVD movies so I think that I need quite fast hard drive. My old Barca 4 has above 3 years and I want to sell it. I will buy one a new hard drive, not two to make RAID. I have no cash to buy 2 drivers. New 250GB hard drive should be fast and solid. When I bought hard drive it must works at least 3-4 years...I was thinking about such drivers: Hitachi T7K250 8MB cache Sata2 NCQ Is it really the fastest hard drive? I wanted to buy it, but somebody told me that Hitachi (IBM) drive will never survive 3 years...It is true? Besides Hitachi costs 10% more than Samsung and here is difficult to find. Samsung 8MB cache Sata2 NCQ The most people who I asked tell me that Samsung is the fastest hard drive and I should buy it. Average read in HDTach 62 mb/s (T7K250 56 mb/s). My old Barracuda 33 mb/s. Samsung is also very quiet and cold drive. People talk that Samsung is the best choice and I should not affraid that it is Samsung, because new Samsung are much more better than old models. Here Samsung is cheap and easy to find. WD Caviar SE 16MB cache Sata2 NCQ One guy at shop told me that hard drive who has 16 mb cache is faster and better than drive with 8 mb cache. It is really true? I don't think so... I saw that drive with 8 mb cache (Samsung) is faster than WD drive with 16 mb cache. Besides Samsung is here cheaper than WD. Seagate 9.7200 16MB cache Sata2 NCQ I know that 160GB Seagate 9.7200 is very fast drive, but I saw in 250 GB Drive Roundup that 250GB with 8MB not 16 MB cache is not too fast. Maybe Seagate 9.7200 with 16 MB cache is much more better than with 8 MB but I don't think so...Anybody have seen Seagate with 16 MB cache how good is? My friend told me that I should buy Seagate, because he is sure that Seagate will be works easy above 3 years. Some of you can think "Buy seagate.You will get 5 years guarantee". Unfortuntelly it is not true here, because here shops offers "only"3 years guarantee on Seagate drive. 3 years guarantee give also Hitachi,WD,Samsung,Maxtor here... I have not too much time to buy new 250GB hard drive...maybe 1-2 weeks. As I said I would like to buy fast, solid drive who will be works at least 3-4 years. It would be great if drive would be also quiet (makes a noise not irritating), cold. I have not decided yet, but I think that Samsung will be the best choice. P120 is the fastest, quiet, cold and cheaper than for example WD, Seagate or Hitachi hard drive but I am not sure if is it the best choice... So write to me,please what 250Gb Sata2 NCQ drive should I buy and why? P.S. Please answer to mee using a simple words, sentences. I don't understand in English too much... In advances thanks for all replies. Fallon.