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    format lost in my partition

    ran Testdisk and found nothing, would re-install a new MBR help? have also tried the GetDataBack for NFTS demo and found nothing.
  2. Hi, got a Seagate 3Tb hard drive divided into 2 partition using MBR. The formatting of the partition is losted, unable to retrieve all my video and document files. When I plugged this hard drive into my m/b, Win 7 Pro 64 bit does not see and load the hard drive. However, if I load it via a Vantec external hard drive dock, Windows will see it after a while and show one partition drive letter. After that Windows will keep prompting me to format the partition over and over again. Also, the partition will appear and disappear over again and again in my computer display screen. Should I go ahead and format the partition and then use a file recovery program to recover all my files back?
  3. OS Win98SE, using 300 gig Seagate ata100 hard drive connected to a Promise Ultra 133 IDE controller. When booting up, I get this post message EMM386 not installed, unable to set page frame base address. Got the fix from MS knowledgebase web site. however unable solve this problem, because I don't know what values to assign page frame. The link to Microsoft web site ishttp://support.microsoft.com/kb/75592/en-us