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    How do they get away with it?

    This article will explain it all. http://www.hardocp.com/article/2011/08/07/nand_flash_faces_off_synchronous_vs_asynchronous
  2. I have several SandForce SF-1200 SSDs for sale. Most are 100GB but I also have a few 120 and 240GB drives. Prices start out at 290 USD shipped to CONUS.All were used for a couple of hours, then placed back in their retail packages. Just send me a private message if you want to know the inventory. It changes every day so I am not going to even try to keep up with it all in a forum thread unless these start selling quickly. Thanks!
  3. Highendtoys

    How to Optimize SSDs for Windows 7

    You guys are brutal. Did you ever think the author of that might be lurking around from time to time:) The article wasn't just written on a whim, the author spent a couple of months playing around with different settings. As for System Restore, you will see a speed increase on any HDD or SSD. The thing with SSDs when that article was written was that you didn't want to go around thrashing them with random writes all of the time. We were really still trying to understand TRIM at the time. Also, TweakTown is written mainly for enthusiasts but we do get some regular traffic too, err I mean they might get some regular traffic too. That is why all of the risky stuff is labeled as such. Anyhow, I spent a lot of time getting that list together and have mounds of first hand data from testing. Err I mean someone must have mounds of data:)
  4. I have 8 Seagate 450 GB 15K.6 drives for 500 each. These drives are used for a couple of hours for testing. Send me a PM if you want them.
  5. Highendtoys

    Raptor 150 doubter

    I will bite! Here is my box of Raptor 150's. http://www.realworldbenchmarks.com/forums/showthread.php?t=3 I also have two Seagate 15K SAS drives and 2 500 GB Nearline drives. I plan on doing several tests on a couple of different SAS and SATA RAID conrtollers. The controllers will be here next week so I am sitting blind to the SAS stuff right now. As far as the 150GB Raptors go, two of them will max out an NVIDIA RAID controller built into dual Opteron boards. I am in the middle of testing 5 of them right now for a review and I am currently 3 deep into it. Three and four drives do not show an improvment over two drives. Anyhow, I will report back once I am finished up with my review and everything is posted.