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  1. windmiller

    Stable & Quiet 400/500GB

    Thanks for the additional information, this forum has never failed me when I need thourough info. I typically research for weeks when purchasing new drives but just dont have the time right now and so I appreciate everyones feedback. The WD seem to rise to the top for a variety of reasons both the RE2 and SE16. I think I am going to look into either a 320 or 500, I dont think there are any 400 of these two models. I have had a Samsung 160GB for 2+ years and it has been one fo the best drives I have ever owned.
  2. windmiller

    Stable & Quiet 400/500GB

    Thanks for the rundown! Much appreciated! Looks like Seagate and WD are worth taking a closer look.
  3. I need to replace a 160GB Samsung in my HTPC with either 400\500GB drive Any stable/quiet drives that can be recommended, speed isnt the main concern.
  4. windmiller

    HD Temp Monitoring

    Whiic, Sorry for the delay in responding. The majority fo the drives I want to report on are Seagates but at this point I have at least one of each (Maxtor, WD, Samsung, Seagate, Toshiba, Fujitsu) Next two drives I buy are probably going to be Seagates so then a majority will be Seagates.
  5. windmiller

    HD Temp Monitoring

    Thanks for the reply, I beleive that MBM works with one of the two mobos I want to monitor so that helps! It seems HDD Health has some logging features that I am learning about.
  6. windmiller

    HD Temp Monitoring

    I wanted to see if anyone knows of an application that can monitor Hard Drive Temperatures and export to Excel or Txt or report on the temps. I am trying to get an idea of what my hard drive temperatures are like at various times of the day and have been looking for a utility that might be able to accomplish something like this. Any ideas....I've tried HDD Health DTEMP
  7. windmiller

    Seagate Barracuda 7200.9

    What is going on with these 7200.9 300GB drives? The NewEgg feedback makes me really nervous. Any other comments on the reliability of these drives?
  8. windmiller

    Please recommend hard disk cooler

    As simple as this cooler is it is cheap, effective and quiet. I use them in a HTPC that is inside a Entertainment Center and it droped the temp on my two HDs by 5. Noise level is 20 DBA so it is completely inaudible.
  9. Quite a thorough post. Answered my questions and then some. Thank you for all the informative posts.
  10. windmiller

    The 7200.8 thread

    You know for all I know they may have solved it, can't say for sure yet, I mean their head spindle motor engineer was informed by us about the problem. I honestly can't say we've had any in lately for that issue, at least for about 2 months, could be a coincidence though, I'll have to wait and see if we end up getting a steady flow again. I'll keep you guys informed on that . . . . hellyh72, Any word on the 7200.8 drives and the seizing issue? We've got 2 250GB st3250823as drives that havent had any problems yet but are used as backup drives.
  11. windmiller

    Using Nearline Drive without Raid

    Thanks for the response! Can the same be said about the WD RE2 drives as there price point is a bit better than the NL35's? I have heard bits and pieces re: the reliability issues of the SeaGate 7200.8's. My File server which is used mainly as a backup system has two SeaGate st3250823as drives and holds a back up of my entire media collection, the nearline drive is going to expand this backup set. Are there any details out there on which specific models have reliability issues? Is Seagate doing anything about this?
  12. I am in need of 300-400GB drive that will be used to hold a backup of audio on my file server. FOr reliability I wanted to get one fo the nearline storage drives like SeaGate NL35 Series or WD RE2 drives but just read the following comments from a review here at SR. I will not be using the drive for Raid and am wondering if this is true of all nearline storage? "WD cautions against using the RE2 in a desktop system. The drive's TLER feature expects to be paired with a RAID controller. In the event of an unlikely but possible error situation, the RE2 may not make every attempt to recover when operating on a regular controller as a standard SATA drive would."