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  1. I memorized as a rule not to buy single platter 3.5" drives. There's a notion that these drives either underperform due to cheaper parts since these drives are often seen in oem office machines - or for that reason are slower for better reliability. Now the interesting part: i memorized this rule over 10 years ago.
  2. Just looking for reliable low-key desktop storage with standard 7.2k performance, nothing fancy. Seagate 2/2 drives do too much head parking which can't be truned off. I think they're squeezing the pennies a bit too hard: they had many stalling turns, obscuring instead of improving - now i think it's about time to move up to the better product. 1TB platters have been out for several years.
  3. I can't believe they're stalling another round on reaching at least 1TB platters. I need regular fast 2 platter drives for they are balanced on: reliability, vibration, heat, noise, capacity. I've been literally waiting for years now for WD to release a solid 2TB, 2 platter drive.. awesome news indeed. Idiots.
  4. Now they've lost it.. this appears like a product someone in management had the company make for his private use. There's only one option to make that thing even remotely sensible and that would be selling it normally priced. hdd-value: 70$ ssd-value: 70$ "innovation"-value: 20$ = 160$. For 300$ i can buy a decent and faster 500GB SSD.. can they not see that?