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  1. Did you remove the SATA disk after cloning and before rebooting?

    Yes, and dissabled the ide and sata controllers on the motherboard.

    I've been working on this for 5 days now and we all know how long a backup/restore/clone/win-install can take.

    It's got to be a driver missing/overwrite issue as a basic new win-install works fine.

    But after a fresh win-install and a tape restore it won't boot if I chose to overwrite all, if I choose to only overwtire older files it will boot but i'm missing most of my setup/programs etc. Same with don't overwrite anything.

    Is this still an issue ?

    I assume you use XP which has native drivers for the scsi card.

    You are missing a good clone app.

    Use Casper

    I clone a sata to a scsi drive and vice versa all the time--no issue, no drivers for one , not the other.

  2. This comes as something of a surprise to us as we know that ATI will release an AGP version of R520 once it's ready. Bear in mind that ATI sill has to release PCIe version but once it has R520 PCIe it won't be a rocket science to bridge this chip to AGP with its Rialto bridge to Babylon chip.

    Well I'm sure they will start losing customers to ATI then, like me.


    By all accounts there will not be an ATI x1800x agp card. altho it is difficult to prove a negative. The last species of agp from ati is the

    x850xt which I have and they are now about as common as hens teeth. There is great demand for them so resale prices are high but they do ocassionally become available.

  3. When it comes to tools to assess just what a drive is doing, IPEAK SPT is among the best there is. Let's take a look at one of our disk traces... FarCry.

    The SR DriveMarks and gaming tests are "random access time" measurements that take into effect real world conditions such as on OS's caching system, data localization, drive buffers and strategies, etc and deliver a response time (access time) result that is the average yielded by the given drive in the given application.

    When you see the Deskstar 7K500 doing "763 IO/s per second" in FarCry, what you're seeing is that the Deskstar 7K500 turns in an average random access time of (1000/763) 1.31 milliseconds in FarCry.

    All of the above is why high-level results such as the DriveMarks and game captures should vastly supecede "random access time" in the mind of all readers when evaluating potential drives for single-user use.

    Whew. Who's still with me? :)


    Hmm--this could be misleading if it suggests the 7k500 will play Farcry faster ( frames per second) because it does more IO/s than another modern drive. I play FEAR on a 10kIV and a 7K250 (backup drive) in the same system. The Head to Head shows the SCSI with the better IO but fps are indeed equal. FPS are influenced by CPU , FSB and video card performance. If you tested game fps as part of the drive reviews you would soon not bother.

    On the "feel good" matter, access times sure count more than you credit for single user average use performance , eg, web surfing, loading windows, mail , etc. I know I am beating the deceased mare here but I will take the 10k over ANY IDE for those purposes. I have recently installed the 10kV and now, honestly, I understand the phrase "a god in the machine."

  4. Seeing as your PCI bus will limit you to around 100MB/S, U160 is not the limitation in your system. Unless you want to upgrade to a PCI-X motherboard, stick with your U160 controller. Its not worth spending money on a U320 card.


    I will upgrade in several months to a board with this expansion set

    1 x PCI Express x16 slot for discrete graphics card

    1 x PCI-E graphics slot (max. x4 mode)

    1 x PCI Express x1

    3 x PCI

    The adaptec card most suitable runs on a 64 bit PCI-x slot. I see no mention of X in the mb description. Please advise.

  5. Hi,

    I have a very handy 19160 board which runs two drives and a cd-r . I uograded the drives to ultra wide 360 ( Maxtor 10k v) and cannot find a pci card to run all three items.

    Not even one just for the drives. Adaptec has pci-x and raid pci cards but nothing for this configuration. I would use a raid card if it would run the drives singly but do not know if that is possible-eg, Adaptec SCSI RAID 2120S--nothing for a 50 pin drive and 64 bit--will it run the drives ? Is 64 bit an issue ?

  6. The allowable variation in APM shows " Battery Life " on the far left side of the slider and "Performance" on the right. When set to "disable" the slider is on far left. When the slider is moved to far right, under Performance, the app says elsewhere "Drive in low standby mode".

    I retested and, contrary to the first test, the scores are similar whether APM is at disable or standby. But when on standby there is a delay in accessing the drive . That part is ok--what I couldn't figure was the difference ( now disappeared) in test scores ( Norton System Information/drives/benchmark ; Adaptec SCSI Bench). Since the modes now appear equally stellar I can withdraw the question . User error.

    Stone cold--that is meant as short for wth.

  7. When I look at the settings for APM on the 7K250 they range from Disable --> Performance. The settings from left to right are BattreyLife ( disable) , Low rpm standby and performance. What effect on performance does each have ? Going from low rpm to performance means the disk spinns faster and uses more power. Performance will increase but there is a delay in accessing the drive after some period of non use-like it had spun down some. The disk tests at it's rated speed at this setting.

    When set to disable there is no delay after non use but the disk tests much lower .

    What ?

  8. TP - Termination Power

    Pins 27-28 - Termination power ensures that there is a sufficient

    power level along the entire SCSI bus. It is recommended

    that the final device on the SCSI bus have the Termination

    Power jumper installed. All devices in between the host and

    final device typically have no jumper on Termination Power.

    Note that Termination Power is not the same as on-board

    termination, which this drive does not support.

  9. I did not install the case . The board is an ASUS PP4Pe and the diagram for the location of the ide led pins is vague. Are the ide pins the last in the first set of pins or the next two ?The ide pins appear to me to be the last ones on the first set of pins including those for power , etc. There appears to be a single bar of connectors from the case to this set of pins . As I said there is light at times from the hdd led when the Hitachi is used. The scsi controller has its own led connection.

  10. The drive is strangely hardly using the HDD led.By comparison with the Maxtor 10k drive, it seems not to be working. Yet it is and the board connectors are properly attached. For example, running a Norton Speed Disk defrag the Maxtor lights up like a christmas tree about now but the Hitachi barely shines for a millisecond and then nothing. Weird . Same comparison when booting to the drives--the 7k250 hardly appears active in comparison to the 10k drive yet both work perfectly. Like smoking a cigarette but not seeing it glow.


  11. For what it is worth, the ATA specification only allows for a maximum of 18" cable length on 80 conductor cables. 


    Well what about the performance of longer cables, eg, at Hyper MicroSystems I find this cable. Is it garbage ?

    "Three-position socket 40 (F) 80 conductor copper mesh shielded round cable for Ultra ATA/100/133 (TPE - ThermoPlastic Elastomer insulated, clear jacket), 36.0 in."

    This is the usual cabe everyone buys

    "Three-position socket 40 (F) 80 conductor flat ribbon cable for Ultra ATA/100/133 (TPE - ThermoPlastic Elastomer insulated), 24.0 in."