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  1. Look at the very poor business and high end application scores here and the pathetic scores on Business Disk and High End Disk WinMarks at SR when going head to head against top IDE drives here So why such scores ?
  2. but can't someone explain the pathetic scores on Business Disk and High End Disk WinMarks when going head to head against top IDE drives ? There must be an explanation why such a fast drive is so slow in those tests.
  3. Has anyone noticed improvement from using the 8mb cache version of the drive ?
  4. The spec for this size and larger drives, 8.5 ms seek, is lower than the seek time for smaller drives, 8.8 ms seek. Has anyone confirmed this improvement ? Has anyone noticed improvement from using the 8mb cache version ?
  5. The IBM 180 GXP review said that SR would post the comparison between the 2 and 8 meg cache drives. When ?
  6. troop

    IBM Deskstar 180GXP

    Well on the subject of the noise every 10 minutes, can anyone say that the noise does not happen to their 180GXP or whether , if it is apparent on every drive, if the noise is inherent and necessary or a fault ?
  7. troop

    Maxtor Atlas 10k IV

    The Maxtor Atlas 10k IV review is a bit misleading. The review should have included the 10k III as a comparison drive. It is a faster drive than two of the comparison drives and the review would tell us how much the IV is better than the III. Finally,one can just as easily buy the III or IV as an upgrade drive. :idea:
  8. No love. Tested both with one off power. Each has the same drop in rate of substiantial proportions,eg, from 50 MBs to 30 in approx the same sectors, ~ 5- 10 GB . Before and after the section the graph is normal. How can I eat turkey now ?
  9. I look at the graph for the drive on this site and it has no spikes. The graph for my drive ( 18 GB-rev.020w ) ) has huge spikes occasionally and there are no backround tasks. I can hear the disk activity which causes the spikes during the test--like something writes then or the cache flushes ?- but have no idea what happens. I use the Adaptec 19160 controller . The start and finish results are as expected but there is an obvious activity or performance drop off for some reason. Can anyone suggest the issue ?
  10. Thank you for continuing your advice. The format occurred as the Adaptec utility said " completed " . It took about 25 minutes. The drive lost its partition so that is further evidence the format finished. I used MS utilities to re establish the drive's OS. As I said , the FW is 020W--does that compute with the specs as you may know them ? I will disconnect a drive, run the test and advise. I have a picture I can show if there is a place to upload it .
  11. Well the LL format did not work. It moved the spikes along the drive to between 6-11GB area but that's it. Great--what are the implications since both drives have the problem ? What are the chances the replacement drives will be any better ? What did I do to diserve this ?
  12. Thank you for the advice. I have two identical drives , same revision, bought at the same time from same seller--Hyper Micro-BOTH have this characteristic--same location and degree of the spikes on each. How likely is that ? I have no progs in backround. The phrase LL format suggests I should use the Adaptec " SCSI format " utility rather than DOS format so I will and report back.
  13. Further tests show the drops occur completely within the 4 1/2 and 9 GB range where the graph looks like icecles on an evestrough--real ugly-but everywhere else the graph is normal.