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  1. I think the whole trade issue is one that can be effective. If Canada is reliant on the US buying from it, and is worried that its stance will mean less will be sold there, then there is a golden opportunity to export elsewhere, to nations which think Canada is doing the right thing. France, Germany and Russia have taken a stance against the war, and other UN nations are not fighting, so Canada should look to trade with them rather than its neighbour. I have read this morning in another forum about boycotting of US goods, and it's something that could slowly cripple the US into realising war isn't what most people wanted at this stage. It could also mean that here in the UK we get similar treatment, but it would show a strong message to Blair and our government that they went against the wishes of the people (even if the house of commons voted to join in - but IMHO that's just a political ploy from the opposition). It could bring about some serious change in the next few years. When you can make an impact to the bottom line of those people paying for laws and actions they may take some notice that it's wrong. Don't support what you see as wrong if you can avoid it.
  2. It's only been a few hundered years since the British Empire included what we now call the United States of America. There was a war of independance where the right to abuse the language and consumerise everyone was won. The UK is now caught between Europe and America, with links to other nations (the Comonwealth). It's tough to make a choice between them, so we don't. It's not an easy decision to join in 100% with europe when we already see nations saying yes then doing something different. And then the influence of the US on the UK in recent decades may be slowly turning. I hope that the UK is more likley to do what is in its best interests at the time. I recall an interesting idea of nations, where they can be catagorised by what they're good at: British: Inventing things German: Engineering American: Managing Japanese: Manufacturing etc...
  3. Gav

    Upgrade time - recommendations?

    The fastest drives don't yet achieve sustained transfers over 80MB/s, and so having two drives on a channel means a 160 is enough. A 320 card should allow each of 4 drives to transfer on the same channel without bottlenecking the others. If you start adding in more drives, then a faster channel or seperate ones becomes more useful. I prefer to have a seperate boot/OS drive, and let the RAID be used for data only.
  4. I run a software RAID-5, and reckon the performance relies on so many things. However if all you box will do is server files I'd think a Duron 800 wouldn't be a bottleneck. The PCI bus could be more of a problem or the drives themselves. I run my RAID for capacity with some redundancy, not outright speed and with a 10/100 connection on my LAN it's acceptable, but not blazingly fast, especially seeing that I went with 5400rpm drives for noise/heat. It's currently on a PIII-650, 512MB RAM because I did have issues when I started with a Celeron 300A and 128MB RAM. My box also does some web serving (for personal interbal development purposes only) as well as Email and anything else I feel like (latest is continuous random music from my mp3's - I set my stereo to listen or not). A box for files only could be very lean and optimised if time's taken. I don't boot off my RAID as it's not something I'd feel happy with, and apart from a RAID-1 wouldn't advise anyone to try.
  5. Gav

    Gasoline prices

    $4.12/gallon. Ouch. I bet people there ride motorcycles quite a bit, no? With the threat of war, petrol prices in the UK are on the rise. probably about 78.9p/litre last time I looked, so say 80p/litre soon. That's US$1.27 per litre, and US$4.79 per US gallon. The US has petrol prices so cheap compared to a lot of europe that we're not very surprised at all the SUV's and V8's... My car does 50mpg (UK miles per gallon), which is 4.7l/100km (for the europeans), and is plenty fast, comfortable etc... Most of the price in the UK is tax (nearly 80%), so us motorists end up paying for almost everything in this country! Still, I wouldn't move to the US... Evian is French in origin, although probably some is bottled in Canada. So petrol is still cheaper than many common liquids...
  6. Gav

    Computer error: gas bill

    It was a clerical error, but he had said he'd be happy to pay it off at 1p per week, which would take a long time! (about 4 trillion years).
  7. Gav

    PC133 vs PC2100 DDR

    I've very recently got my first ECS board, also with a SiS chipset, a K7SEM. It's for my Athlon 1.33GHz, and has only PC133 support as I have more PC133 than money for DDR at the moment. Besides, it's not meant to be my fastest PC. I can say that for the money I'm impressed as it cost me about 30% of the price of my P4 board (Gigabyte 8PE667 Ultra). I do notice a difference with what came with it (cables, board, thin manual and CD), but the ECS was more or less what I was after for the job. I haven't had much time to get it doing things, plus I got a new faster HD to help improve the speed (I was running an early PIII-650 @760ish on an Asus CUSL2 before). I don't tend to benchmark as I don't game, but so far have noticed an improvment. So what am I saying/advising? If this is a value PC then ECS may be what you're after. If it's important and/or you want the trimmings then you are liekly to find something better elsewhere. It doesn't sound like you're a performance junkie still using a PIII, but AV stuff takes all the power it can get. Perhaps a Upgradeware or powerleap Tulatin adaptor could yield more performance for you with minimal upheaval. If you're going to get a new board and CPU then AMD is not such a bad idea. For AV stuff I have a Intel on Intel system which is very capable. It sure is a tough choice!
  8. Gav

    Out-of-office message for SR.....

    You only have 1 rig?
  9. Gav

    Firewire 800

    Sorry I don't (I'm just keeping up answering to your topics every 2 minutes)
  10. Gav

    Hard Drive Restart

    Not even for ID or termination :?:
  11. Gav

    File System Conversion may have the answer...
  12. Gav

    Cramming 3 drives

    Do you mean an opteron? -> -> -> :? -> 8O Maybe a saw would help as well... 8O -> :? -> -> -> Unless you really meant 3 inches into 2 foot - in that case no tools required. [serious] You could always see if they fit vertically rather than horizontally, but 3 inches is quite a lot. [/serious]
  13. Gav

    Asus Dual CPU nForceFX motherboard.

    It would be nice to see this come through into the enthusiast market. I doubt many people would go with it for a server. Once Hammer gets going with the dual CPU's AMD could be happy to drop Athlon-MP. This product wouldn't be ready for a good length of time, and so would have to be a low cost enrty level dual AMD solution. The only reason that AMD could have to allow it is to make a Hammer's more upmarket/expensive. If the board was ready now it would be great for AMD in the enthusiast market, but it's not. If we ever see it, then it wont be before Q4.
  14. Gav

    Recommendations for case

    If you like a bare aluminium finish and don't mind paying extra for it then a Lian Li PC-70 (or variant) could be worth looking at. Coolermaster also do nice aluminium cases, albeit at a higher price and quality. If Steel's you thing then you can't really go wrong with the above Antec's etc...
  15. Gav

    two things: Case and DDR

    Antec's (and thier clones) are supposed to be good cases, as well as PSU's. If you have a little more money and want more style, then Lian Li or Coolermaster could help even more. You want to look at brand name, non-cheap-ass cases with good overall airflow. Also, a good HSF on the CPU can make a sizable difference over a standard HSF. You may wish to take a look at the Ars Case & Cooling Fetish forum...