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    Fastest SCSI Controller?

    I have a Tekram w/Atlas 10KIIIs (thanks to the guys here) running on my Tiger MP. It has been absolutely flawless, great card. Cheers, Rob
  2. Hello, I have a Tyan Trinity KT-A S2390 and it locks up constanly, no BSOD, just a freeze. I tried to change out the ram, remove the NIC, diable the USB, tweak the bios but nothing seems to work. I am using WinXP with all of the current patches, VIA 4.37 drivers, and Kyro II v1.4 drivers. I can play Quake III just fine, surf the web, ect. It's just a random lockup. I can reproduce it sometimes when I try to tranfer a large file (6GB) from one machine to another. Other times I just move my mouse and it locks up, or just come back from a smoke break and it's frozen. I have a feeling that it's a driver issue, any ideas??? I have been hacking away at this for a few days now with no luck. I remember an AGP-AMD patch for Win2k, but I don't know if XP has the same issue. Also, it's dual boot with MDK 8.1 Linux. Linux runs without any problems whatsoever. The lockups started before I loaded up Linux. Suggestions??? Digi ------------------------- Tyan S2390B AMD Athlon 1.4 2x256 Tonicom PC166 Linsys LNE100TX Kyro II driver 1.4 2 IBM 40GB 60GXP
  3. It say at the end of the article that a 17" roundup is next. Bought my first LCD two days ago, a Philips 150B2. It's more than I expected, perfect for my Linux server. Digi
  4. I recommend you forget about IDE RAID. It's not worth the time or the money. I tried it with a KT7A-R and I got out of the the deal was alot of data that went to the bit bucket. :twisted: I was persistent at trying to get it to be reliable, but in the end I bought a Tekram SCSI controller and it solved my need for speed. As far as speed goes my two POS 75GXPs :evil: in RAID 0 couldn't hold a candle to my Atlas 10KIII. I have a D740X also, it's fast and so far has been reliable, stick with the D740X unless you want to go with SCSI. As far as the "feel" of the system, two IDEs in RAID 0 seem to have a read advantage for large files but when it comes to seeking for different files a single IDE seems to have the advantage, QuakeIII???. Digi
  5. Digi

    My babies... (pictures)

    This thread is funny as hell! Good job guys. BTW, I'm in the US military. Almost everyone is armed in the military and the murder rate is pretty low considering 99% of the people are armed at one time or another. Only friendlies and enemies are killed, very few (none that I know of) are killed in cold blooded murder. Basically the paragraph above is pointless, just like this thread. Can't well all have a group hug around my M16A2 (set to full auto, of course, no tree huggin' ignorant liberals allowed)? Digi
  6. I'm in, where to I sign up? Digi
  7. Buy a Tekram, save some money and get a great product. I have an Atlas 10KIII w/ a Tekram 390U3W, and it's fast. Digi
  8. Digi

    New 10KIII on the way!! :D

    I have one, the same size. Very fast, probably the best deal for a scsi drive. Digi
  9. Digi

    Dang, I was 5 posts away from 1000

    Still no edit? WT*? BTW, I have changed my user name to protect the innocent. Digi
  10. Digi

    Isn't this nice? And 75GXP stuff

    That's funny, that would be really funny if I didn't have three IBM drives fail in 5 months. :evil: :evil: :evil: Digi