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    5400 vs 7200 RPM

    hi, First of all, don't "toss up", you'll get your laptop all messed up, depending on what you had for dinner that night :-) Secondly, go for the 7200 drive. It's a huge difference -- very noticeable. Good luck Spinme
  2. spinme

    Upgrade hdd in External USB Box.

    Yes and yes- although if you want to format it FAT32, you might need to dig around a bit to format the drive- depending on your OS. Regards, Spinme
  3. ....and in case you don't have the OS disc handy to reset the password, how about connecting the machine to another mac via firewire and restarting it in "slave drive" mode. Then, suck all the data off the machine without any password challenges... ...makes ya kinda wonder why the MAC even bothers with passwords- so easy to bypass, but a pain in the butt whenever you need to install software,drivers, updates, etc. Cheers, Spinme
  4. I changed from 4200rpm to 7200rpm. Have not noticed the fans kicking in any more or less, but have definately noticed a HUGE difference (for the better) in terms of noise. The old drive was MUCH louder on seeks (idle is about the same) and the new drive is barely on as compared to the old one. (perhaps due to combination of larger cache and throughput?) ymmv Spinme!
  5. This is probably preaching to the converted on this forum, but thought I'd share my recent Laptop HD replacement experience. My 2yr old Toshiba was showing it's age of late, with a small (fullish) drive and those new widescreen notebooks looking sharp, fast and cheap, I figured my old Toshiba's days were numbered. Knowing full well that the performance would be better with a new drive, I didn't realize just how large an improvement it would be. After a 10-15min installation and data xfer, my old Toshiba satellite can run with the new laptops just fine, IMO. What a difference. My laptop is now also much quieter (got a $100 Samsung replacement), and looks like it will serve me for another few years (I mainly use my laptop for letters, email, internet, etc. and leave the big jobs and development to my desktop, which still blows away even the quickest laptops.) So if you are thinking of retiring your old laptop, try a new drive in it instead and the results may surprise you. Spinme!
  6. spinme

    What's the fastest processor available?

    ....and rounding out the list of Top 10 things to post on a forum in order to guarantee to be classified as a kook/jerk/goof/terrorist: - Number 5, post angry replies to people trying to help answer your question. - and Number 4, include in your angry replies that "lives depend on it".... Spinme!
  7. In response to the original question, I think the answer, at least in the short term, is "yes". Just as 5.25" full height drives gave way to 3.5", the drives in the near future will be the smaller 2.5" (and smaller) drives. In a few years we'll be looking at our old 3.5" beasts and thinking "when will this dinosaur die so I can go get a new 1.25 TB 2.5" 7200rps drive?" ....mechanical storage won't die anytime soon, it will simply get faster, smaller, and higher capacity than the drives before. I sure hope I'll be able to plug my closet full of offline/archive storage drives into a computer for at least a few more years! my 2cents. Spinme
  8. Interesting thread. Remember those old 4200RPM (or was it 3600?) 5.25" Quantum "bigfoot" drives? Massive size for low pricepoint (although slower). I've still got one running in a server- and it still kinda works- although about 1/3 of the drive is bad sectors! ....would give the chances of this drive surviving a spin down/up less than 5% if I had to power the server off for any length of time, though. Cheers Spinme.
  9. Not to sound like a brushoff but Did you not get a manual? Spinme
  10. spinme

    Deathstar firmware needed

    I don't think apple does anything "toll free" these days. re: 40GB deathstar ... I'll bet you're in the running to be the "last drive standing" in the deathstar series....don't upgrade the firmware or even look too long at the drive sideways or it might die on you ! Spinme
  11. spinme

    New 200GB Maxtor only sees 32GB

    I tried all combinations of jumpers. I also put the drive in my newer computer with new bios, etc. still no luck..even tried putting the drive in my usb enclosure. no dice. It's as if the "capacity" jumper setting is somehow stuck. any other ideas? Spinme
  12. Last night I was trying to get a Maxtor 200GB drive working in his older Athlon 800Mhz machine. Drive autodetects in the bios as 32GB. Flash the bios- still 32GB. Put in a PCI raid card and attach the drive...still 32GB. OK- I put the drive into my 1yr old P4...no dice....still 32GB. (deleted all partitions, yada yada). Drive seems to spin up fine. Also, the drive does have a "limit capacity" jumper setting, but I tried all jumper combinations and drive refuses to detect anything more than 32GB. My friend doesn't want to "short stroke" the drive quite this much. Any idea? Defective drive? Help! Cheers Spinme
  13. spinme

    SR members get real

    I think it's fairly obvious who's who. The guy on the left is trying to look hipper and younger than he really is, with the cosby-coloured shirt and the "I'm only in my 20s" goatee. ...but what really gives it away is the Lettermanesque smarmy look on his face. The "I've got lot's of big toys and yes, I'm compensating for something". It can only be SC ! Cheers, Spinme
  14. spinme

    Star Wars III

    special effects = 9 story = 2 direction = 2 action = 5 Overall = 5 or 6 Although perhaps I falling into the trap of being too judgemental, since after all, these films were never intended to be anything more than Sat Afternoon Matinee material. As far as "wekkend matinees" go, all the starwars films are easily #1, with the Raider's films and Flash Gordon tied for #2 and perhaps Jurassic park movies #3. Spinme
  15. I agree with the MAC filtering suggestion. The encryption stuff, if it works at all, would I think slow down your network throughput- with the added overhead. Spinme