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  1. Hi there. With new disks having 16 MB Cache (and more?) I see a larger problem in case of a power loss. Obviously the cache might hold a lot of precious data, that is not yet written to the disk. If the cache is enabled (which is not the case in all good raid setups I know) and the system has no USV, this data might be lost forever and trash the filesystem or corrupt important (time critical, not yet backuped?) data. My question: Is there some feature, using a some kind of power storage inside the disk, that solves this problem by ensuring that write-commands from the disk are executed even in the case of a powerloss? I know, that writing 16 MB of wildly random data can take quite some time, but I'd like to see this feature in my disks. Perhaps some disks have a special area (flash storage?), where this random data can be written linearly (and written correctly when power is available)? Any information is welcome! Thanks, Carsten
  2. C-Otto

    Rebuild Raid5 Array

    RAID 5 rebuild times heavily depend on the controller used. I use Linux' software raid, which does recovery with the new drive's full write speed (up to 70 MB/sec with my Maxtor MaxLine III). When the system is used for normal work, the speed drops to about 30 MB/sec, in heave load situations the raid resync only uses the minimum (1 MB/sec). So without knowing how much load the system has, I'd say your controller choses the speed for a resync (that might be far less than the raid can handle at that moment). Bye, Carsten
  3. I noticed a lot of problems with this disk. Only use it with a recent firmware (current is VA111900) or you might risk losing the disk from time to time (very annoying!).
  4. Today I got VA111900. But why the f**k did they not know about the "disappearing from raid" problem? I lost my system several times since I have the disks and today (!) got to know about the firmware problem by "accident" (see: http://groups.google.com/group/fa.linux.ke...afcec6a4b20407) The German Maxtor support is offline at the moment, so I can't tell them to update their problem database.
  5. C-Otto

    Software RAID performance

    I currently have GigE over PCI and Software RAID 0 with two 7200rpm drives in my workstation. I frequently have problems with a saturated PCI bus. My upload speeds (or overall performance) makes a noticable jump when I turn off my music (which goes over the PCI bus). So please understand that I'd like to have something better for my (costy) server. PCI-X is no option, because I can't find a suitable board. Additionally I need some SATA controller for that, too (hardware RAID would be expensive). I think I will go with a board that does GigE Intel PCIe and has four SATA ports connected directly to the soutbridge (or so) without PCI. That should do the trick and is not expensive at all. PS: I do more than 70 MB/sec with my standard PCI GigE, at least when the data goes from/to the RAM. PPS: The system does not only provide data to me, but to the whole network (several hundred users). Bye, C-Otto
  6. C-Otto

    Software RAID performance

    I will try Linux software RAID. The problem is that four disks and one GigE card saturate the PCI bus. That is why I'd like to buy a board with decent GigE chip (via PCI Express), which is not the problem. Moreover I'd like to see my SATA ports connected via PCI Express. Here I can't even find the correct information in the mainboards' manuals. Cheap (non-raid) Add-On cards are not (yet) supported by Linux, so this is no option.
  7. C-Otto

    Software RAID performance

    I don't talk about importance, but performance. Moreover I know what cheap RAID cards are, the 350 Euro card is not that cheap.
  8. Hello! I'd like to buy a system with 4 drives in RAID5 configuration soon to have something fast and reliable to boot from over the network. The main question is, of course, the RAID controller. I can start with a board with good onboard SATA ports (so not over PCI) and use Linux software RAID, but I can also use a Areca controller for 350 Euro. Is there any useful benchmark that compares good RAID cards with the current Linux kernel? Thanks a lot, Carsten Otto
  9. C-Otto

    Very silent drive

    Just for the record: I suspended both disks with standard rubber bands and the result is really impressive. Thank you for the hint!
  10. C-Otto

    Very silent drive

    That makes sense. Thank you!
  11. C-Otto

    Very silent drive

    My computer is absolutely no gaming rig. I recently installed some low-rpm fans, though. So a minimal air flow is present. The power supply however has a fan, I thought that was clear. Thanks for your HD infos!
  12. C-Otto

    Very silent drive

    Yeah, they are screwed. Harr. I don't think that metal contact is the problem. The seeking itself is kind of loud. I will try that suspension, though. Thanks!
  13. C-Otto

    Very silent drive

    Thanks for quoting, now I remember what I said a few pixels earlier
  14. C-Otto

    Very silent drive

    Hello! I am unable to find the right drive suiting my needs. That is why I ask here. My PC is very quiet (no CPU fan, no VGA fan, silent power supply, only low-RPM case fans) and I'd like to have equally silent hard drives, too. No doubt the Samsung P120 would be good for that. The other thing: My PC is a server doing many different tasks at once (that explains the CPU and RAM, see signature), including delivering files to a huge number of students at gigabit speeds. At night time I often have 10+ downloaders trying to get 100 MBit each. About 1/3 of these requests can be done out of the RAM, the rest is from hard disk (different files of course). At the moment I have two Seagate 7200.7 drives, SATA and PATA, in a RAID0. The performance is quite good, but could be better. The noise (when heavily seeking) is far from good (I think). Please tell me how I can improve disk performance, especially under mentioned load, with less noise. PS: 400GB space minimum (in total) PPS: RAID0 is OK, I do backups Thanks a lot, Carsten