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  1. nicolaim

    Is eSATA really slower than USB 2.0?

    From what I hear eSATA is faster, and has lower CPU utilization, so it's the way to go for sure.
  2. nicolaim

    Seagate Barracuda 7200.8

    The Seagate site makes it hard to find, but there is a 200 GB PATA version of this drive. I have one in front of me. The model number is ST3200826A. I'm really disappointed to find out here it apparently doesn't use the new 133 GB platters. I'm actually pissed off at Seagate now. I bought it on special after Tom's Hardware said the 300 and 400 GB drives had good performance. I'm sure SR is correct when they say that isn't the case. The drive is also made in China, which I'm not too keen on. I hope the reliability at least lives up to the standard of previous Seagate drives, as that's ultimately the most important factor for me.
  3. nicolaim

    Western Digital Raptor Preview

    Tom's Hardware recently posted a review comparing the SI controller to others, including the Promise model you used. The SI did do somewhat better. I think your review should at least have mentioned that you may not have used an optimal controller.