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  1. First of all I'm also considering getting a storage server with RAID-5. For the controller you might be able find one on Ebay. If you prefer a new one, then Promise SuperTrak EX8350 might be a good choice. It's got 8 SATA connections and PCI-e x4 interface and can do the following RAID levels: RAID 0, JBOD, RAID 1, RAID 5, RAID 6, RAID 10. I'm not sure if this is too expensive for you. For the drives WD4000YR could be an option, but you get more bang for the buck in a smaller drive. For the PSU I recommend Seasonic S12. This PSU is both very silent and very reliable. Maybe a 430W would be enough for, otherwise there's also a 500W and 600W model (I own the 600W myself).
  2. Tumlehund

    Promise SuperTrak EX8350 PCIe x4

    DFI NF4 Lanparty Ultra-d here Thanks! What about all the rest of you EX8350 owners...?
  3. Tumlehund

    Promise SuperTrak EX8350 PCIe x4

    I would like to know what motherboards you are running this controller on? I'm thinking about using an A8N-SLI Premium or an AR8-MVP as a "server board" with this controller. I wonder if it'll work?
  4. Tumlehund

    SATA drives for a server

    First of all, I know that the WD4000YR will operate as a desktop drive (i.e. not off of a RAID controller), however, since Western Digital is saying that the WD4000YR should not be used as a desktop drive (i.e. should be running off of a RAID controller), I thought that the controller should support TLER? Otherwise I don't understand why the drive cannot run as a desktop drive. Also, if I understand what you're saying correctly, I suppose the WD4000YR could easily be used with an onboard RAID controller, e.g. nForce4, with the same advantages as if it's run from a "real" controller?
  5. Tumlehund

    SATA drives for a server

    Only reason I didn't consider Seagate is that I *thought* it is more expensive than the Hitachi, but I found out that this is not the case. Other - and more important - reason is that it is (a little?) slower than the Hitachi from the reviews I read. But maybe this is irrelevant when I'm using the disks in a server? Also I don't know how the Seagate and the Hitachi compare regarding reliability? Yes, it's true that these big drives are expensive. However, I would like save space in the case, and therefore I'm set on the big drives.
  6. Tumlehund

    Promise SuperTrak EX8350 PCIe x4

    Anyone knows if this card supports the Western Digital TLER (Time Limited Error Recovery) feature? I'm thinking of pairing this card with 3 or 4 WD4000YR in RAID 5.
  7. Tumlehund

    SATA drives for a server

    Does the Areca controller "understand" TLER? I'm not able to find any documentation saying it does.
  8. Hi all, I've been reading a lot of posts here for some time, but this ismy first post here. Be gentle, please... I'm going to setup a server at home and a vital part of this machine is of course the disk drives. I'm not going for SCSI drives, I think this will be too expensive. So, SATA it is. The role of this server will primarily be file serving, a bit of web serving and a bit of CD ripping/burning. The server will be running 24/7 (maybe going to standby during night), and I plan to go for RAID 5. I have been reading a lot of reviews and a lot of forum posts all over the internet and I think I have narrowed down the down choices: - Hitachi 7K500 - Western Digital WD4000YR - Western Digital WD4000KD Initially, my first choice would be wd4000yr since they seem to be the most reliable option (at least if you trust WD's marketing). However, if I understand everything correctly, this drive should be operated off of a controller that supports TLER. If I can run the drive from an onboard nForce4 controller, of course this will be a cheap solution, but I cannot find any evidence that this is possible? Another option would be to pair the wd4000yr with a RAID controller that actually supports TLER, but I cannot find a source anywhere that can tell me which RAID controllers support TLER? Promise SuperTrak EX8350 could be an option, but it doesn't seem to support TLER? My second choice would be 7K500, simply because of capacity. However, I cannot see anywhere how reliable this drive is compared to others. E.g. the wd4000yr enjoys a 24 hour burn-in, while the wd4000kd enjoys an 8 hour burn-in. How does the 7K500 compare to this? I could really use some help. Any thoughts on this?