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  1. After upgrading the bios/driver/pam to the newest version most of my previous issues appear to be solved. DFI Ultra-d in secondary 16x slot running in 8x mode FC4 4x320gb raid 5 using xfs
  2. DFI NF4 Lanparty Ultra-d here
  3. I think there was a post somewhere in the ars forums where someone modded a 1x slot so it would fit. ps. Has anyone else gotten the ex8350 to workable sustained write speeds? (50MB/s+) I'm chuggin along at 20 right now in a 4 disk RAID5 array, and while it just might barely suffice for what I'm using it for, 400$ doesnt really seem worth that performance. If I cant find any other ideas I may actually have to throw in a (gulp) windows bootdrive.