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    Horrible Promise Ex8350 performance?

    funny, your load out seems so similar to mine, and yet our performance is sooo different. (i posted mine in the big ex8350 thread)
  2. Hmm, never seen that. A declining line is the NORM. That said however, i have seen an almost straight line on raid 5 arrays. I think it has something to do with the saturation of the controller, as in a good controller can pump the data faster than a drive will get it, and it will show a real graph of how fast a drive operates. a poor controller might be the chocking point, so the drive, even when the needle is at the furthest point from the center, will still be able to saturate the controller.
  3. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16822136073 get your hard drives... get them while they are hot..
  4. My stopwatch tests: Plugged in a raptor, and booted. done. complete time : 1 minute.
  5. Riddles

    Promise SuperTrak EX8350 PCIe x4

    OK, so after further testing, HDtach is reporting a fairly steady read speed of avg 60 MB/s for read all throughout the array. Burst has gone down to 160 Atto is showing that small files get the short end of the stick, but 128 kb files clear the 50 MB/s write speed and after that it looks good. Read speeds are much better, around the 4kb mark they surpass 73MB/s the 1024 kb transfer of a 32mb file shows a nice 140 MB/s write speed and 1024 and 512 both seemed to have maxed out the read capabilities reaching 233 MB/s works for me especially since i have a lot of movies and anime of my storage drives.
  6. Riddles

    SWAP File advice

    very good question. I also wonder, how does the swap file perform and i guess it is a much more write, rather than read demanding
  7. Riddles

    Promise SuperTrak EX8350 PCIe x4

    Just plugged 5 WD5000YS drives into this for a RAID 5 set up. BS 128 Write Through and 512 sections ran ATTO and HDTECH -> preliminary results seem to show read speeds averaging around 150MB/s with Burst around 200 MB/s write speeds are not that good. The best I have seen is around 70MB/s for larger files
  8. Riddles

    Opinions: Replacing 36GB Raptors

    Which model are your 36ers? (how old are they) there was a good article right here on storage review about some older raptors. i suggest reading it and comparing based on that info.
  9. You guys of Storagereview forums have already uncovered the disperities of the new 7200.10 drives. ones made in china differ from ones made in other locations and reading some of the 7200.10 topics i get the destinct impressions that Seagate is incapable of doing quality control now. they seem to put out a general specs list, and not a refference list (like Nvidia does with its graphics cards) the end effect (from what i have read) seems to be that Seagate drives will be very different from one factory to another. Example, you get an Nvidia card from one manufacturer and it runs lounder and hotter, one from another runs coller and quiter. This we accept because we know that those are two seperate manufacturers, but Seagate is one manufacturer who seems to be putting out different drives under the same label. This is very on topic, since this topic is about Seagate spesifically OT: if you have ever read a review conducted by the SPCR crowd or been in their forums, then perhaps you would know that they are a very well educated and very thorough bunch who know a thing or two about the way things should work and their reviews cover subjects that most do not. Mind you, it is one thing to say that this is the way it works, but its a completely different thing to say that the status quo is wrong, and should be changed to something else. In this I agree with te SPCR guys. Drives should be quiet. CPUs should not be power hogs (think P4) and power supplies should be efficient. Unfortunately, just like with games, many manufacturers just get the product out, and let the consumer sort it out. It is a sad state of affairs that we are in when you buy a game, and need a patch to be able to finish it. We will know exactly how reliable Seagates are in a few years. but some current reviews are not the most encouraging...
  10. just wanted to follow up, has one heard or seen anything new about this?
  11. Riddles

    Seagate 7200.10 Review

    how is the RMA policy of seagte? WD being tey ship you a new drive in a box within a week and you dont pay anything.
  12. in this corner we have the ARC-1220 ($600) in this corner we have the RocketRAID 2320 ($250) in this corner we have the EX8350 ($400) i know that pefomance Areca wins hands down. as for the other two... the 2320 doesn't have cache and i have read some moxed stories of the EX8350 perfomance. my needs, raid 5 array that i will be able to move from one PC to another with nt much hassle. I have seached for benchies and in many places, toms and xbit hae had the most review on these. Tweakers.net have only one bechie of the EX8350, and many of the others. budget is a problem, but not having headaches is good too. if price was not a problem would the EX8350 be a better choice than the 2320 ? other thoughs? Any other cards you would recomend? Thanks
  13. Riddles

    Promise SuperTrak EX8350 PCIe x4

    Could a few more of you guys please post some write benchie for this card? (raid 5?) i have been looking into it and for $200 less than the areca, it will do just fine as a home file storage space. Thanks!
  14. Riddles

    ICH8 Raid5?

    Just wondering if anyone has tried the Raid on these mobos? i saw a bechie from gamePC which lists both onboard RAID 5 solutions as poor write performers. http://www.gamepc.com/labs/view_content.as...=raid505&page=1 I kinda wonder if the new one is better? On the 965 - are there only 4 Sata ports that suppord raid? or do boards like the Gigabyte 965P- DQ6 have 6 ports for that? If you have a fast drive in a raid 5 card, my guess would be that if you have faster (newer) drives, then that would also help in the perfomance? or not?