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  1. I got this too, twice actually. Either hacked or one of the admins needed some extra money and sold out to some spammer. The file linked to is the following according to virustotal:
  2. Thank you for this artice. I run a Linux Software RAID5 using WD20EARS-00S8B1 drives and found out that I was affected BADLY by this: The Output from: smartctl -a /dev/sdX | grep -i "193" /dev/sda: (no Output, Samsung Drive) /dev/sdb: 193 Load_Cycle_Count 0x0032 061 061 000 Old_age Always - 419519 /dev/sdc: 193 Load_Cycle_Count 0x0032 181 181 000 Old_age Always - 58933 /dev/sdd: 193 Load_Cycle_Count 0x0032 060 060 000 Old_age Always - 422027 /dev/sde: (no Output, Samsung Drive) /dev/sdf: 193 Load_Cycle_Count 0x0032 061 061 000 Old_age Always - 418590 /dev/sdg: 193 Load_Cycle_Count 0x0032 061 061 000 Old_age Always - 417353 /dev/sdh: 193 Load_Cycle_Count 0x0032 060 060 000 Old_age Always - 421254 /dev/sdi: 193 Load_Cycle_Count 0x0032 060 060 000 Old_age Always - 421207 sdc is a WD20EARS-00J2GB0 replacement drive which I recently received for a failed WD20EARS-00S8B1 drive. Even though I've had this for only 4 weeks or so, it already had accumulated 58.000 Load Cycles! And all the others are well past their 300.000... I've now set the Timeout with the WDIDLE3 tool to 300sec (up from 8sec previously) and hope that they will at least slowly die in sequence so I can smoothly swap them with RMA-Replacements and then rebuild the RAID5-Parity. I guess to work in the WD department that makes drive firmwares, you have to pass an IQ test to make sure your IQ score doesn't exceed that of a cockroach.
  3. anybody

    Samsung F1 334gb/platter

    So absolutely nothing new has happened and it continues to be "coming soon", as it has been during the last four months or so...
  4. Using a 3ware 9650SE-12ML in the PCIe16x Slot of a Asus A8N-VM CSM, works fine!
  5. [somehow can't edit my post, so i'll just add another one, sorry] I was really hoping for a 3-platter Design in the WD :-( With 5 platters, i could have gotten myself the 1TB 5-platter IBM Deathstar many months ago... I guess i will put my hopes on the Samsung F1 then, might even be on the market a little earlier and also supports staggered spinup according to the Datasheet, which is something that i'd really like to have... (currently powering up 12 drives @ 600W spinup-power-usage on a 330W power supply... Works fine though :-)
  6. Since WD's Datasheet on their Website doesn't go into any details, i wrote to their Tech Support department and inquired about specifics: Took quite some time until i got an answer back, but the answer was as good as I had hoped for! Q: the numer of platters per drive (is it a 3 or 4 platter design?) A: 5 platters. The drives have 200 gig per platter. Q: whether the drive supports staggered spinup A: The drives support staggered spin up. How to enable and disable PM2 (power management) on WD Serial ATA hard drives: Q: any ETA on availability in Europe? A: The drives will be available within 3 months. Q: spinup currents? A: Spinup: 2.4A(peek)@12V, 781mA@5V => 32,71W Read/Write: 470mA@12V, 875mA@5V => 10,02W Seek: 750mA@12V, 969mA@5V => 13,84W Idle: 375mA@12V, 938mA@5V => 9.19W Standby: 18mA@12V, 488mA@5V => 2.66W Sleep: 18mA@12V, 450mA@5V => 2.48W
  7. Thanks for the notification Carlton! I would really like to stress again that - after my experiences with this company - I DO NOT RECOMMEND buying any Raidcore equipment. They have not updated their drivers in almost 15 months! Now that's what i call non-existing service. (And yes, their [linux] drivers would desperately need an update, however they don't care. They told me 8 months ago a new driver would come "soon".) And on top of that, they're the only major RAID-card supplier who does not open-source their linux drivers! Even $299 is way too much for a piece of garbage. Linux users beware! Might be somewhat ok for Windows users, but i wouldn't really recommend it for Windows systems either... Your data should be precious enough to go for a solution from a respectable vendor like AMCC/3Ware or Areca or something...
  8. anybody

    Rebuild Raid5 Array

    Right, but Raidcore BC4852 is an elaborate form of Software-Raid :-)
  9. anybody

    Comparing SATA RAID Contollers

    Graphics card memory only does decrease the available Ram because their ram has to be "mapped" into the main memory for the cpu to access it. Try decreasing the "AGP Aperture Size" in the Bios to reduce the amount of memory lost. Still, having 3.5GB of 4GB is actually pretty good. I've seen boards where it was hard to get even the full 3.0GB. It you want more Ram, the best way would be to use a 64Bit OS. (But even then there might be some special BIOS settings required to get it work - some mainboards might not even support this...) Regarding memory on the RAID Controller: This cache should only be accessible to the RAID Controller itself, therefor there is no need to map this cache into the main memory => your available memory should not decrease because of this.
  10. anybody

    Rebuild Raid5 Array

    I also own a BC4852 and had to do a rebuild some days ago because of a failed drive. The Raid consisted of 8x 400GB Drives (7 Seagate 7200.8, 1 Samsung 400GB as replacement) and it took about 25-26 Hours to complete the rebuild with the rebuild-priority set to it's maximum (and no additional I/O load). I suppose it might have been somewhat faster if my Raidcore card would be in a real PCI-X Slot, but thats justs a theory :-)
  11. I can't believe this. I was just trying to get 64bit linux drivers off the Broadcom website for my 8-Port Raidcore controller. I had checked their website 2 days ago and even tough there were no new drivers, everything looked fine and normal! Now i check the website again and the "Raid Driver Downloads" Section has just _DISAPPEARED_ ! It is nowhere to be found, and the old links do not work anymore. No indication what has happened or where they might have gone either. In desperation i did some google searches and looked at, where i (shock!) read an obscure press release So what "will license RAID Software and designs" and "will acquire certain assets" actually means is that Broadcom got rid of their whole storage technology division! I'm not sure if things get better, but they probably can't get much worse... Not introducing _anything_new_ in all the time can hardly be topped. By the way: I finally found the drivers i was looking for on the website of the new owner, ciprico. They are pretty well hidden and i actually needed google to locate them. I sent ciprico a mail informing them that i was actually able to find them and that they should hide them with more effort if they don't want their customers to find them.
  12. Just a quick followup because after some weeks of experience i feel i should update this in case someone else interested in Linux & Raidcore reads this: a) Regarding "Linux Support sucks" Well, since it's not in the kernel it still sucks, but Broadcom released a new driver (Version: RC-210-2006044.3) and this has pretty much fixed all problems i had. It now (finally) works with recent linux kernels. The installation scripts are still not that great (i have to fix 2 things by hand to get them to compile and install the modules, but both are somewhat obvious and should not pose a serious problem to anyone with some linux experience). Still, even with these drivers i get about 10x the message "Buffer I/O error on device bccfg0, logical block 262143" in the kernel log at the end of the boot process. Doesn't seem to matter but i would prefer not to see these strange errors in dmesg Regarding the "Transform function" According to support, this resizing limitation is no longer present - at least in linux when using the very latest drivers. I did not try this however, i bought some cheap 300GB drives to backup all my data, created the array with it's final size and copied the data back. c) Regarding "Support" Well, at least they replied to my email after some time. The answer didn't really help much but at least they answered and offered further help if their tips didn't help :-) I didn't write them further because i had "solved" my problems at the time they answered by using a very old linux kernel.
  13. Uhm, can someone help me out here please? I just had a phonecall with 3ware's European Hotline, which was quite good. Still, he could't give me a clear answer whether the 9550SX would work in "normal" PCI (32bit) Slots. The problem according to him is that the card needs 3,3V and therefor won't fit in normal PCI Slots. According to my mainboard manual "Support 3.3V/5V PCI bus Interface" this should work, and the Raidcore BC4852 - which is also PCI-X like the 9550SX works fine in this Board (within its limitations). Still i am quite confused as what to do now - i don't want to risk ending up with another RAID Controller that i have no use for. An extensive search on google has not brought up any confirmation whether this works or not :-( Any experiences here ?
  14. I just couldn't wait any longer for the PCIe Version so i bought a PCI-X Raidcore BC4852 for use in my normal 32bit PCI Mainboard. Buying this Raidcore card has proven to be a complete failure though :-( I have the following two major and one minor problem: a) Linux support sucks. The "SDK" Driver which basically is the source to compile the kernel module does not work with recent kernels. I had to go back to a kernel from August to use this Driver, even though the Driver is dated December 2005. Why? Because there have been changes in the kernel's SCSI code and Broadcom is to lazy to update their drivers accordingly. (And besides that: the installation documentation for these drivers sucks, it's somewhat of a mess and not well-structured) I bought this controller mainly because of the transform function. Now, reading through the 200 Page manual (i should have done this before, i only read selected parts before buying the controller), i had to discover that the transform feature is utterly useless (for me), since it doesn't work beyond 2TB. c) Support sucks. At the US phone number there only is an answering machine (intentionally, not because they are out of office or something). My general inquiry mail 1 month ago regarding the BC5550 was deliberately ignored so i'm not actually hoping my Technical Support emails will be answered (but i tried it nonetheless and asked for newer Linux drivers and asked if they plan to remove this silly 2TB transform barrier). So basically, every reason i had to buy this controller is now gone. Somebody in Germany interested in a cheap BC4852 ? I will probably pick up a 9550SX-8 tomorrow, which is neither cheap nor PCIe, but I don't seem to have much choice. Signing off after a day of fighting (with) the BC4852, anybody, the RAID5-Newbie
  15. Does anybody have any updates on this ? I really would like to buy a Raidcore PCIe Controller, but they still do not seem to be available. PCI-X is not an option for me :-(