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    T7K250 vs p120 250GB SATA-II

    Thanks patrick_!!! Since the P120 is much quieter and since the only game performance are of a few millisecond while on the other benchs there's no significant gaps, I'll go for the P120.
  2. Marconi

    T7K250 vs p120 250GB SATA-II

    patrick_ You're saying the only difference is a few Milliseconds at load time, while the p120 is definitely quieter , then it is an obvious decision... I don't thinks it was the right thing to crown the T7K250 as the performance in that situation. Thought we were talking more like a few seconds. There's another issue I need to inquire before purchasing, and that is regarding to web design and related graphics & multimedia softwares. How will the performance differences be like here? student I was thinking of some mods shown here and on SPCR but I will probably open a topic on it later on.
  3. I'd asked it at the roundup discussion but didn't get much response to it, maybe here it is a better place... I saw that the T7k250 take the game performance by 90 I/O per second. Since I want silence as well I wanted to know what is the real implication of that during a game. Additional differences I have noticed was regarding the office test were P120 leads by 45 I/O per second and of-course the P120 relatively silent. This make the only drawback for me to choose P120 is the game performances.
  4. Marconi

    SR's 250 GB Drive Roundup

    No, I'm from Israel. So if my sys. has 512MB of memory the only difference I'll notice between p120 and T7k250 would be in the loading time of the game? That is not too bad if I'm gaining some peace of mind, will that be the case? Can you estimate time load differences? All marielaure saying, in another words, is open a topic on that HTPC you thinking of so everyone could focus on that and help you. Here we are discussing 250GB HDD based on the roundup.
  5. Marconi

    SR's 250 GB Drive Roundup

    Very nice roundup! The P120 is quiet and performs pretty good with the exception of gaming. The T7K250 leads in that category when p120 is about 90 I/O behind, so the impression is that the gap is big, but how noticeable is it while gaming? On the Office bench the Hitachi takes over P120 by 45 I/O which probably not that noticeable.
  6. If Seagate delays its HD that long, i say there is a reason... The T7k250 is the best choice. I was thinking, In case of any problem buying it, will the Maxline 3 be the second best?
  7. I am not planning to use the AAM, don't want a slow HD, So Maxtor can be removed from the list as well as WD for being 3p thus slower. The Hitachi/IBM really taking it all, but no one mentioned or compared it to the Seagate 7200.9. Can the SR review suggest something regarding it's 250GB Vr. ?
  8. Actually my MB does not support SATA-II (Abit IC7-MAX3), so for the time being i don't see a reason to change the firmware as you have mentioned, but probably soon I'll replace the MB and CPU.
  9. Hey, those answers are very helpful, thanks!!! Its seem the T7K250 would be the one to pick; fast , mostly silent and no concern for the "SATA II enable" issue , still is the Hitachi tool a SATA II driver or a firmware update? 888, you were saying a 250G round-up is soon to come, does someone knows approximately when? it will sure be the optimal thing before buying, how long shall I wait in that case?
  10. Its my first topic here on SR, though i have been around here many times, enjoying those best reviews and the wisdom of this community I'm planning on buying a new HDD, as you can tell, since my recent Maxtor diamondmax plus 9 is dying on me , its usage will be gaming and web-design related app. , and it is for boot as well. I 'd thought about the following models ( all are 250G, S-II) T7K250 Maxline 3 seagate 7200.9 WD2500KS I had ordered them related to their performance, but I'm not sure if it so... I need to know which will be better for my needs and still won't be noisy. If one can list them in performance order and silence order it will be great. another thing is regarding the T7K250, a seller they have this model "but it comes as SATA 150, you need to upgrade it to 300 Mb/s" does anyone knows what is it about, i thought it comes SATA-II ready. Thanks!!!